Posted on September 1, 2014

Thought festivals were over? You thought wrong. iTunes are continuing our summer fun by bringing together the biggest names in music for 30 nights of London gigs this September. As well as being held at London’s legendary Roundhouse, the line-up is too good to be true. Whether you’re a die-hard Kylie fan, obsessed with Sam Smith’s debut album or fancy catching Lenny Kravitz’ comeback, there’s something to suit everyone. Check out the full line-up below and you’ll see why we’re seriously excited.

For the chance to win tickets simply login to your iTunes where you’ll find a link to the iTunes Festival at the top of the ‘Featured’ page.  Select the gigs you want to attend and you’ll be notified whether or not you’ve won up to 5 days before each gig.

Not in the UK? Your September can still totally rock thanks to these hot tickets around the world.

PARIS Paris Electronic Week, 18-28 September

BERLIN Berlin Music Week 3-7 September

NEW YORK Karen O live at Manderly Bar, 9-12 September

LA Katy Perry live at Staples Centre 19-20 September


Posted on August 29, 2014

Heading out in East London but tired of the same old bars and restraurants? Check out these hot new spaces giving the area a new lease of nightlife!


What’s the deal? The dip-dye gurus behind Bleach hairdressers have opened up their very own bar! Found just down the road from the Dalston salon, this new space has a cool dive bar feel, complete with a graffiti-spattered interior designed by set designer (and Topshop collaborator) David White.

Drink: Any of the LOLs-named cocktails, our favourites being the ‘Abba-synth’ (Absinthe-based mix) and ‘Wonky Direction’ (Lemon, Whiskey Bourbon and Egg Whites).

Eat: Delicious bar snacks from TART, the fashion world’s favourite catering duo.

Wear: Anything ’90s-inspired: crops tops, chokers and rainbow hair of course.


What’s the deal? This Hackney spot has come a long way since its days as a ’50s laundry. Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien teamed up with a local entrepreneur to transform the building into a super-slick restaurant. Not only is the space huge, (especially compared to East London’s often pokey venues), every little detail is careful thought out – from the vinatge printing presses that line the walls to the so-now succulents on every table.

Drink: The Kick-Starter cocktail – a chilli based drink lovingly created by manager Chris – sure to start your night with a bang.

Eat: Everything on the menu! But if you order just one thing, make it the kedegree-filled scotch egg. To-die-for.

Wear: Go minimal cool. We’re thinking oversized shirt dress, clean-cut ankle boots, top knot.


What’s the deal? From the same people who brought us great pubs like The Hemingway and The Hunter S, the chic, taxidermy-filled Satan’s Whiskers bar has got all the cool kids heading to Bethnal Green.

Drink: The Salty Dog - vodka, grapefruit juice and pink salt.

Eat: It’s strictly drinks on the menu but pop into one of the nearby Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Rd for some good-value grub beforehand.

Wear: Keep it casual in boyfriend jeans and an off-the-shoulder crop.


Posted on August 27, 2014

Love our new feature with choreographer Holly Blakey? Well now it’s time to meet the girl who shot the shoot – London photographer Laura Coulson. A self-confessed ‘country bumpkin’ from Devon, Laura headed to London after an Art Foundation course to work in music PR, but soon realised she belonged behind the camera. We caught up with her to chat big breaks, befriending the Haim sisters and her love for flares.

How did you get into photography?

When I first moved to London I started out in music PR and production but wasn’t very good at it… on every video shoot I just ended up taking pictures! That’s when I realised I wanted to go it alone as a photographer. It took a long time of having no money and having freak outs every five seconds, but I got there with a lot of hard work.

What was your big break?

I met Haim playing in someone’s backyard in Texas and fell in love with them. I ended up working on their video for ‘Honey and I’ in the desert and shot what eventually became their record cover – that was my first official bit of work. After that we all become friends and I took more and more photos of them – my career really progressed from there.

What are the Haim girls like?

They’re so lovely. I’ve never seen a group of sisters that are so tight, there’s never any bad words said. Este’s the eldest so she’s very protective, Alana is the crazy fun youngest one and Danielle is this really beautiful mellow, chilled middle sister.

What advice would you give to budding photographers?

Just do it! Take all the photos! A key thing is to not judge your work against other people’s – go with your instincts, don’t over-think and create your own style.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

It’s personal and natural. I love shooting people with great personalities and I like to try and get that across in my photos. There’s got to be more to it than just a pretty model.

What inspires your work?

Films, music, visiting totally new places. My friends and all the amazing things that they’re doing. I’m also inspired by other photographers like Bruce Weber and Alasdair Mclellan. I love that their style is very natural and stripped back – there’s no fuss, plus amazing light.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I love to dress really simply with clean colour palettes, but that often goes completely out the window – I’ll end up wearing some multi-coloured dress with crazy platform shoes! My style is pretty schizophrenic.

What’s your shopping weakness?

I have too many shoes! We’re talking quite a few…The whole floor of my flat is basically shoes.

What’s on your wish list right now?

Flares. I’m obsessed with the new denim Topshop ones. Also poloneck crop tops for layering.

Ultimate style icon?

Céline designer, Phoebe Philo. She’s just a dream!

Your most overused word?


Worst habit?

Saying ‘sassy!’

What’s on your playlist at the moment?

‘Heobah’ by Fonda Rae

See Laura’s photography in our New Creatives feature and check out more of Laura’s work here


Posted on August 26, 2014

Another folk band from across the pond? Don’t worry, it’s not the same old stuff. PHOX’s front woman Monica Martin brings a new lease of life to this Wisconsin act’s bango-heavy folk, thanks to her inimitably stunning voice. Somewhere between Nina Simone and Regina Spektor, her vocals are breathy yet powerful and like nothing we’ve heard before! Pair this with next-level style (think off-the-shoulder crops, cute A-line skirts, out-there hats) and you can see why she’s becoming our new fav girl at Topshop HQ.

In the run up to the band’s debut album release on 1st September, we gave Monica free rein of a polaroid camera to document what went on behind the scenes. Here’s what she got up to during Phox’s US tour…

“Here’s me getting ready for our show in Denver. The dressing room just so happened to double up as an arcade with slot machines!”

“Another shot of dressing room life. Me and the boys, Jason and Zach, backstage at our Detroit show.”

“Our drummer Davey getting his hair cut by me at soundcheck in St Louis. I went to beauty school and trained as a hairstylist – a VERY helpful skill to have on the road!”

“This is typical sleeping procedure for our guitarist Matthew – sometimes you just need a fuzzy little guy to cuddle up with!”

Catch Phox play in London at St Pancras Old Church on September 1st, the same day they release their debut album


Posted on August 22, 2014

If ever there was a festival where you can get a good fix of truly new music to love, it’s at the End of the Road. This three dayer that squeezes the very last drop of summer out has been known as the go-to destination for a laid-back vacay jam-packed with indie tunes, trippy new bands, comedy you didn’t know you liked and lots of green. Surroundings aside, this year their line-up goes above and beyond in shouting about new artists you should be listening to and what’s clear for us is the women that should be on your Spotify playlist but aren’t!

Here’s a few of our favourites…

Stealing Sheep

This three-piece girl group from Liverpool offer alot more than you at first might expect. This is folk meets electronic meets medieval. That’s right, medieval. We reckon you’ll be surprised by how much you’re into their pagan style tunes.

Cate le Bon

This Welsh starlet is a true maverick. She’s pals with Gruff Rhys and is about as mysterious as the man himself. Her music is dark, psyche with more than a nod to The Velvet Underground. We’re tipping her as the next Nico.

Alice Boman (left)

Rough, rugged and beautiful. Alice Boman does muffled and messy music to gorgeous effect, with dramatic keyboards and wobbly vocals. We’re a little bit in love.

Marissa Nadler (right)

Who knew “dream folk” was a thing? Well according to the great music critics that be, it is, and Marissa Nadler is nailing it. She’s etheral, introspective and a little haunting. Intrigued or what?

Tickets for End of the Road Festival are selling out! Make sure to get yours here. 

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