Posted on April 28, 2010


We’re super excited for our Make Up range to arrive! So to celebrate, we’re giving away a free Topshop Make Up shopper with all orders while stock lasts. If you think these are super cute, just wait until you see the range…



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Where is that shirt from? I want/need!

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wow they are cute! cannot wait to see the new range!

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Oh wow, I love the shopper!


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Is the make up tested on animals? I’m excited about it but afraid I can’t use it if it’s animal-tested :(

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woop got my shopper a couple of days ago. the reverse on mine has a polka dot design :)

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yea, as someone has already asked…does anybody know if it is animal tested/vegan friendly?

I hope it is because if not i cant buy any of it :( and im speaking on behalf of a few of us here.

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Yeah I was too woundering if any of it’s vegan or animal friendly?? or my and buddy wont be able to buy any :\

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I have emailed Topshop and been informed by a member of Topshop Customer Service that it is not tested on animals, and is manufactured in accordance with their ethical code of conduct: – can’t see anything on there about it though, and have emailed them again just now for more info.

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Yes, I really want to know if it is vegetarian/vegan friendly :(

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Incase anyone comes here looking for animal testing info I found this on topshops website :-)

‘Topshop does not allow its cosmetic products to be tested on animals, either during the production process or in the finished state.’

So though you never know if someone else has once tested an ingredient in the past, its better than buying big brands who defo test on animals like l’oreal etc.

I shall happily purchase Topshop make up now I know this.

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