Posted on October 19, 2012

Every once in a while a young actress comes along and takes everyone’s breath away. For us at Topshop, it’s Elle Fanning. The 15 year-old (gasp!) harbours the potent combination of striking beauty and epic talent that makes our jaws drop and heart’s skip a beat. (Oh, and did we mention she also wears Topshop Boutique with utter perfection!) It was a red-headed Fanning who shone out for director Sally Potter amongst 2,000 other girls to take the lead in her latest film, Ginger and Rosa. Set in a dreary ’60s London amidst the looming Cuban Missile Crisis, it follows best friends Ginger (Fanning) and Rosa (new comer Alice Englert) as they skip school, listen to old records and enjoy their first few nights on the tiles. The chemistry between Ginger and Rosa is undeniable ‑ Rosa as the wild romantic and Ginger as the passionate poet and activist – you can’t help but want to join in on their days spent running around the beach or endless nights chatting in coffee shops.

Needless to say chaos soon ensues; Ginger is swept up in the heat of a protest and the precocious Rosa falls for a very unsuitable gentlemen. Lest we ruin the ending, w’re just going to say things don’t run smoothly for our heroines and ’60s London is very far from being “swinging”.

Even if the subject matter isn’t your cup of tea Fanning’s performance makes it worth the watch. But it’s not just the acting that’s great (she was 13 at time of filming and plays a 17 year-old Ginger) but the adorable outfits seen on screen. Both Rosa and Ginger have the Factory Girl style down to a tee, with over sized duffle coats, mini dresses and school uniforms in rich forest greens and plenty of dove grey. A wardrobe we would be happy with ourselves. So, whether you are up for the emotional ride or you just want to see Elle work a turtle neck to perfection, we recommend it!

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