Posted on November 2, 2012

Hold on! There’s no need to go back to the future because there’s already some seriously spacey stuff going on right here on present day, planet earth. If you’re tired of land-based ventures and fancy heading to a brighter dimension – this is the mission for you. We’ve picked five stardust-themed experiences that are, dare we say, out of this world!

“Location: Meridian Line, Longitude 0°, centre of world time, there is sign of life. Over…” The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is historically known for sending time signals throughout Britain but more importantly for us, takes its visitors on a tour through time and space. Unravel the mysteries of the cosmos in the interactive Weller Astronomy galleries , touch a 4.5 billion year-old meteorite and try your hand at being an astronomer by guiding your very own space mission. Our inner Buzz Lightyear is quivering with excitement.

Probably the most advanced planetarium on your home planet. Does life exist on other worlds? What is a black hole? What is the fate of the universe? If you are curious or philosophical about the cosmos and long for the beauty of a crystal clear starry night – the Planetarium Hamburg is the destination for you. Commonly known as the most successful stand-alone-planetarium in the world, it’s situated in a historic water tower and provide audio guide services in English, French and Spanish. Afterwards don’t miss the breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Hamburg from the observation deck on top.

This one’s on everyone’s Bucket List. The magical Aurora Borealis or plainly known as northern lights, is a sight many consider to be the most naturally beautiful thing seen from this planet (we would argue Ryan Gosling here, but we’ll allow it). Find yourself in northern Finland’s Lapland and take in a riot of colours, forming a glowing curtain of light forms. Truly an out of this world experience. In the case of a cloudy day – devastation, of course -  we have an alternative. As Lapland is also know for Santa Claus Village, why not pay Father Christmas a visit on via a Husky sled and spy some rather artistic igloos.

Neil Armstrong’s small step was widely believed to be the start of a long and glorious road to the stars. 43 years after the first moon landing, what was once a dream has nearly come true – space tourism. Could you even imagine not looking out of your window to the far, far away moon, but rather ogling a mini earth instead or sitting on a bench with the moon under your feet? Well, fasten your seat bells because Virgin Galactic is on track to become the world’s first commercial spaceline. Their spaceship, Enterprise, will soon be taking people (prepared to pay a meagre £200,000) way into the depths of space. So, if you fancy sipping your tomato juice whilst flying towards the point of zero gravity, this is the one for you!

Scared of heights? Terrified of potential aliens? Well , we’ve found a place in space everybody can go to. In our humble opinion it is the best and closest view of the universe you might ever get. The official website of NASA. The infinite eye-opener brings you incredible images, videos and interactive features from the unique universe we are but a tiny part of. With hourly updates about their latest inventions, missions and future plans they answer the most basic question – what’s out there in space? NASA’s vision: To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown to benefit all humankind. So find your little inner astronaut and explore the solar system from home. We especially love their image of the day.

And while you are in the spacey mood – check out our out of this world Galactica collection.

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