Posted on November 23, 2012

To cold weather, cold measures. And there’s nothing that we love more then snuggling up on the couch with a comfy blanket, a best friend’s shoulder to rest our head on, and a good old “stay-at-home-in-front-of-the-fire” movie. Oh, and a cat of course. Make it rain, make it snow, make it hail we don’t care because at this very moment it’s the cosiest place on earth: So grab a cuppa and a pair of soft slippers and let’s get started.


As the best feel-good movie of all time, we have to decree AMELIE at the top of our list. Every little detail in Amelie, from the music to the lighting and colours, to the little anecdotes about life —how good it feels to put your hand in a bag of grain— stretches a smile on our face from ear to ear. We can’t help but melt for this kooky love story that starts with photo booth clues between Amelie and her secret admirer Nino. Oh, and maybe we are as crazy as Joseph but we also love to pop bubble wrap too, who doesn’t?



Those who read this bedtime story as a kid raise your hand. We sure did and haven’t forgotten it since. So when the movie came out we couldn’t help but want to curl up with our mums to watch it. Those big fluffy monsters look so cuddly we wish we could take a nap on them and run, growling in a onesie, too.


There are several elements that make The Neverending story a completely mythical AND perfect cuddle-up movie. We won’t lie, sometimes we kinda wish our couch would turn into the furry and loveable dragon Falkor. We also can’t help but cry along with Atreyu when —warning, spoiler!— his horse Artax drowns in “the swamps of sadness.” And let’s face it, we all wished once to be as pretty as the empress and to get comfy in a silky shell bed at the top of an ivory tower.


Mark Darcy in a deer Christmas jumper. Do we need to say more? Maybe let’s add a grand solo of “All By Myself”, a few bowls of blue soup and a big BIG pair of knickers and we’re the happiest gals in the whole wide world. Also, kinda makes you feel good to watch a singleton movie on the shoulder of your man doesn’t it?


Don’t we all wish we could tidy our rooms with the snap of our fingers? Weren’t we all in awe of the flavour changing syrup of a “Spoonful of Sugar” and the oh-so-pretty merry go round horses that you could ride in the countryside? We sort of wish that Mary/Julie Anders would sing us to sleep with “Feed the Birds” while stroking our hair too!

Let us know what you’ll be watching when it’s cold out – we’d love to hear your  snuggle-up movie suggestions!



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This post has made my day! I’m adding them all to my re watch list now! Mary Poppins first…
R x

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You can’t beat Bridget Jones and Amelie on a cold day!

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This post is worthy of appreciation, looking forward to more exciting!

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