Posted on August 13, 2013

There are just under three weeks left in August before September looms – a month signalling the start of the new term, the weather’s slip in to autumn, and the end of the summer roster of cracking cultural events. With this in mind we’ve picked out the top 5 – in our humble opinion – things to do this weekend, to celebrate the summer season and to get our cultural fill.

Patrick Caulfield, Pottery 1969 – Tate, © The estate of Patrick Caulfield

Art Attack

This month is your final opportunity to catch Tate Britain’s vivid exhibition of Patrick Caulfield’s work. Making a simple situation into a popping visionary explosion, be sure to pick up prints of the artist’s work in the Tate gift shop for home décor with substance.
Patrick Caulfield, Tate Britain – Until 1st September

Time to Feast

It takes quite a lot to get the culinary buffs amongst Topshop HQ excited, but food festival Feast has got us chomping – quite literally – in anticipation. Bringing together some of the finest restaurants in London, delicious street vendors and a host of master classes and how-to’s, this three-day event in Battersea Park London is a delectable treat for your taste buds.
Foodies Feast – Fri 16th – Sun 18th August

Life’s a Beach

Camden Roundhouse has brought the beach-in-the-city back for another timely English summer. Situated in the heart of London N1, the tonnes of sand, multiple deckchairs, ice cream van and arcade attractions, recreate a classic seaside scene with a dash of Camden cool.
Camden Beach – Until 24 August

Single Ladies Put Your Hands Up

Beyoncé headlines this weekend’s V festival, she of the ridiculously amazing voice, dance moves and style. So head on down if you want to perfect your Single Ladies dance moves – if it was good enough for Justin Timberlake…

V Festival – Sat 17th – Sun 18th Aug

Take a Dip

It may not be quite Caribbean style weather, but Britain is having its very own version of a heat wave and if there was ever a time to take advantage of the stealthily placed lidos spread across the country then that time is now. So grab that bikini, dive in and spend the day pretending it’s your very own pool.

A list of lidos in the UK can be found here.



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