Posted on January 13, 2014

(Photo by Katie Wilson)

Calling all pet owners! Think your cat is the cutest? Your dog a big deal? Then make sure you enter our amazing sock star competition for the chance to see your furry friend on a pair of Topshop socks!

To enter, simply tweet or Instagram a picture of your pet @Topshop with the hashtag #TopPets by 26th January at midnight and we’ll pick the UK and US winner with the most adorable pet picture to appear on the socks that will be sold in store. Winners will also receive a £250 Gift Card to spend in Topshop and a pair of the winning socks, of course!

Not only will we be looking for the most fabulous looking pet but we have to make sure the picture you send in is compatible with our requirements so we can print it most effectively on our socks! So check out the guide below and read ours T&C’s for the UK and US.

Good luck animal lovers!


1. Where possible, photos should be taken in natural daylight

2. Images should be taken straight on with the animal facing directly to the camera

3. Let the camera focus to avoid blurry shots

4. Take multiple shots incase the subject moves or blinks – choose the best to tweet or Instagram afterwards

5. Photos should be a headshot including at least the neck & shoulders


1. Get so close to the subject that the photo becomes out of focus

2. Get too far away from the subject – around 1m away is about the ideal distance for a cat, small-medium dog. Larger dogs 1-2m away to enable the shoulders and body to fit

3. Use images taken in badly lit, dull/dark settings – this especially affects whites, making it look too green or red

4. Images should be directly taken of the subject & not of reflections

5. Avoid choosing blurred images where the subject is moving



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So only us or uk pets can apply? :(:( but my cat is so goergeous!!

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The T&CS say comp ends 24th Jan and the prize is a £200 voucher. Just pointing out :) good luck everyone!

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I’ve entered my dog because she is a beauty! Half of the photos on my phone and camera are of her cos she’s such a cutie haha. My entry’s on Instagram @doodleheart :) xx

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Does it have to be a dog or cat? My horse is stunning! :)

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Does it have to be a dog or cat? My horse is stunning! :)

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On the fb page topshop only says hashtag and doesnt say to put @topshop, do the non &topshop pics not count? Also is Ireland applicable?

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No offence, but topshop should not be promoting a pet contest when you already know your clothing material is manufactured in China who supports fur farms. You know…skinning dogs & cats alive. On top of that you have Angora wool incorporated into some of your pieces. If you truly care….then make socks that gives that message to ban shit from China.

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When do you decide the winner?

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When will the winner be announced? The competition ended ages ago.

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Has the winner been notified?

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Hi, I think the winner was picked before this competition was launched! This is not fair for the many people who applied in this pointless exercise. I follow the girl on instagram who has a pug and a while back she had a comment from a friend who had a friend who designs socks for topshop and asked her if she would like her dog put on the front. Nothing was mentioned again and now all of a sudden she is posting pictures of the socks with the pug on the front. i went back and looked at her photos and she has entered the competition as one of her pics has the #toppets.

why would she enter the competition if she was already getting her dog on the front of some socks????? she was picked to be the winner from the start

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Really bad management not answering to twitter posts or comments here!! Never announcing a winner either. Totaly put me off Top Shop!!!!!!!

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This is disgraceful – Topshop should be shut down for this.

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I love this competition

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