Posted on January 13, 2014

Have you caught our latest fashion feature staring the models we’re tipping for success in 2014? Whilst our six favourite new faces got creative on set with some new season pieces we grilled them on their favourite subjects at school and dream holiday destinations. Naturally – some were more chatty than others!

Name: Natalie

Agency: Premiere

Age: 19

Favourite holiday destination: France – THE BREAD!

Favourite subject at school: Graphic Design
Name: Cheyenne but Chey for short

Agency: Elite

Age: 17

Favourite holiday destination: Jamaica

Favourite subject at school: It’s always been Art for me

Name: McKenna

Age: 19

Agency: Premier

Favorite holiday destination: Our family cabin is my favourite holiday destination. The smell of campfire and nature, and the sound of my family in the background simply cannot be beaten. This world is full of so many amazing places though, that picking a true favourite would be impossible for me, I want to see it all!

Favorite subject at school: I just recently graduated high school, but I still remember how excited I was (and a lot of times stressed) to attend my Yearbook journalism class everyday. I was editor my senior year and being a part of a journalism family was something I’ll never forget! You can call me a Yerd… (Yearbook nerd!)

Name: Lily

Age: 20

Agency: Milk Management

Favourite holiday destination: For the moment Ivory Coast but would love to go to Los Angeles

Favourite subject at school: History

Stand out feature: eyes

Name: Aida

Agency: Milk Management

Age: 21

Favourite holiday destination: Africa

Favourite subject at school: Geometry


Name: Alice Hannam

Agency: IMG London

Age: 16

Favourite holiday destination: 

I have been really lucky and have been to quite a number of foreign countries but when it comes down to choosing, going to Cornwall is still my favourite.

Favourite subject at school: 

I find it difficult to choose between Science and History!

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