Posted on November 7, 2014

Got any plans this weekend? We’re taking a trip to the IMAX to watch our top pick this week …


The director of Inception and the Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, returns this autumn with another twisty sci-fi tale. But where the Dark Knight trilogy focused on Batman and his attempt, in part, to keep Gotham safe, Interstellar is concerned with a group of explorers who find a wormhole and travel across the vast gulf of space searching for a new home. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy – don’t wait for an Orange Wednesday, go now!


Posted on November 5, 2014

We gave a sneak preview of our new 5th Avenue store (opening Wednesday at 12pm – don’t forget!) to a select number of digital editors and bloggers. Shopping, selfies and swooning ensued…


Hailey Baldwin, Kate Foley and Julia Restoin Roitfeld all rocked up in their finest Topshop gear to browse the new store and meet some of the digital editors around. Hailey rocked a polka dot mini dress whilst Kate kept it minimal in culottes and Julia stuck to her classic all black ensemble. There was no messing around when it came to shopping and the three of them immediately heading to our chic Personal Shopping areas to get the special treatment.


From Denni Elias of Chic Muse‘s epic eye liner to Fashion Guitar‘s Charlotte Groeneveld’s sumptuous grey jumper, we were swooning over star bloggers who came out to browse our new 5th Avenue store. “It’s so beautiful, light and spacious,” said Charlotte, “I just have to have that patchwatch fur coat!” For Christina of Trop Rouge it was all bout the mini skirt, “I’m so into mod style at the moment and these minis are just perfect,” she said. “I love having a bit of true European style in New York!”


We partnered up with our bros at Topman for our preview event but as well as there being lots of eye candy on hand, there was also an unexpected visitor in the shape of a tiny baby husky! Blogger Justin Livingston brought along his new little pal Puck – a miniature husky that got a lot of attention. Cute or what?!


Alongside the live DJ – with tunes from the lovely Kitty Cash DJ – complimentary makeovers and Twitter Mirror action, nail star on the rise Madeline Poole was on hand (literally) to provide edgy 5th Ave nail art. Faran Krentcil – Digital Special Projects at Elle – turned over her paws for a seriously glittery effect.


The Selfie has moved on and thanks to our friends in blue we had our very own Twitter Mirror in which bloggers, editors and our Style Insiders could use to share their selfies direct from the store. Want to see more? Check out our Twitter page to get the low down.


Posted on August 29, 2014

Heading out in East London but tired of the same old bars and restraurants? Check out these hot new spaces giving the area a new lease of nightlife!


What’s the deal? The dip-dye gurus behind Bleach hairdressers have opened up their very own bar! Found just down the road from the Dalston salon, this new space has a cool dive bar feel, complete with a graffiti-spattered interior designed by set designer (and Topshop collaborator) David White.

Drink: Any of the LOLs-named cocktails, our favourites being the ‘Abba-synth’ (Absinthe-based mix) and ‘Wonky Direction’ (Lemon, Whiskey Bourbon and Egg Whites).

Eat: Delicious bar snacks from TART, the fashion world’s favourite catering duo.

Wear: Anything ’90s-inspired: crops tops, chokers and rainbow hair of course.


What’s the deal? This Hackney spot has come a long way since its days as a ’50s laundry. Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien teamed up with a local entrepreneur to transform the building into a super-slick restaurant. Not only is the space huge, (especially compared to East London’s often pokey venues), every little detail is careful thought out – from the vinatge printing presses that line the walls to the so-now succulents on every table.

Drink: The Kick-Starter cocktail – a chilli based drink lovingly created by manager Chris – sure to start your night with a bang.

Eat: Everything on the menu! But if you order just one thing, make it the kedegree-filled scotch egg. To-die-for.

Wear: Go minimal cool. We’re thinking oversized shirt dress, clean-cut ankle boots, top knot.


What’s the deal? From the same people who brought us great pubs like The Hemingway and The Hunter S, the chic, taxidermy-filled Satan’s Whiskers bar has got all the cool kids heading to Bethnal Green.

Drink: The Salty Dog - vodka, grapefruit juice and pink salt.

Eat: It’s strictly drinks on the menu but pop into one of the nearby Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Rd for some good-value grub beforehand.

Wear: Keep it casual in boyfriend jeans and an off-the-shoulder crop.


Posted on August 20, 2014

It’s nearly time for Notting Hill Carnival which means we’re gearing up for two days of out-there costumes, great music and of course some serious dancing! To get us all in the mood, who better to chat to than one of its coolest dancers? Zizi Scandal (real name Aziza Jones) is the 21 year old star from dancehall crew The Heatwave, whose Hot Wuk parties are one of the hottest at Carnival every year!

Hi Zizi! How did you get into dance?

I have always danced as a child, but I never pursued it professionally until I met The Heatwave at Notting Hill Carnival in 2011!

Can you sum up your dance style in three words?

Provocative. Fun. Energetic.

What are you most looking forward to about Carnival?

I’m so excited to perform on the Red Bull stage with the rest of The Heatwave crew!

What will you wear?

On the morning I’ll be heading up one of the trucks as part of the parade, so will be rocking top-to-toe white to represent the Angel of Hope. And for my Red bull performance… you’ll have to wait and see.

What’s a Heatwave party like?

It’s a party where no-one behaves!

What’s been the best place you’ve danced apart from Carnival?

The one that sticks out is our boat party at Outlook festival in Croatia. It was epic. Hundreds of people in the middle of the ocean with nothing around you but sea, good music and a boat full of people ready to party till the sun goes down. Words cannot describe!

How would you describe your look?

I don’t really have a look. I have a billion looks! I wake up in the morning and dress however I feel. Vintage, punk rock, current fashion, tomboyish whatever!

Who’s wardrobe would you love to trade with?


What does the future hold for you? 

I want to travel the world just living life on the go, exploring new countries and cultures. That would be so perfect.

Catch Zizi at The Heatwave’s Hot Wuk Carnival Truck Party this Saturday at Koko and Notting Hill Carnival on Monday.


Posted on August 6, 2014

Packing your rucksack for Wilderness? Off to your best mates wedding? Whatever you’re up to this weekend, make sure you do it with a killer hairdo, courtesy of these gotta-know hair shops in London.

Best for a cut? BUTCHERS SALON

The stylists at Butchers Salon are seriously skilled with a pair of scissors and have done the ‘dos for many a high-end fashion shoot, not to mention all those celebs on your Pinterest hairspiration boards. Stylist Diana has cut hair for the likes of Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe and Laura Bailey and even gave Pixie Geldof THAT punky crop for Vogue. So if you fancy a next-level cut to rival the stars, this is the place to get it.

Best for a pamper sesh? BLUE TIT

The guys behind Blue Tit believe that a haircut should be a whole experience, not just a transaction. And that’s exactly what you get at their branches in Dalston, Clapton and more recently Peckham. Each is beautifully designed with its own unique character, making you feel like you’ve just stepped into a boutique hotel or the coolest dressing room, ever. Relax with home-made smoothies (or something a little stronger) and enjoy head massages and luxurious treatments before getting a cut from their award-winning (and achingly cool) stylists. You’ll never want to leave.

Best for going natural? GLASS HOUSE SALON

Found in Hackney’s cool ‘n’ casual members club Netil House, Glasshouse Salon is a new fav at Topshop HQ. This slick Scandi-designed space offers all the usuals (cuts, highlights, dip-dyes and treatments) but everything is completely organic and natural. That means using products that are gentle, nourishing and far, far better for your hair. Lovely.

Best for a treatment? EASTON REGAL

Summer sun taken its toll on your barnet? Then get yourself  down to Easton Regal for a Micro Mist Treatment pronto. After two deep cleansing shampoos, a super-moisturising treatment is applied to your hair section by section, before going under the Micro Mist Machine for 10 minutes while you kick back with the salon’s extensive magazine selection. The result? Hair that feels impossibly silky, moisturised and strong. The treatment’s benefits also last long beyond your next few washes, making it well worth the £30 price.

Best for food? HURWENDEKI

That’s right. Food. Hurwundeki is a hair salon-meets-Korean restaurant found in a quaint spot on Cambridge Heath Road. Granted this may not sound like the best idea… (surely hair and food should never mix?!) but Hurwendeki’s quick, expert haircuts paired with fresh Korean food somehow totally works. Still need convincing?  The salon has been graced by a certain Kate Moss and the restaurant also counts East London icons Gilbert and George as regulars. Oh and the haircuts are £14 a pop! What’s not to love?