Posted on October 26, 2012

When it comes to celebrity Halloween parties there’s no fancy dress party quite like a Heidi Klum fancy dress party. The German model and TV presenter is notorious for her boundary pushing costumes, fanciful spreads and A-list guests who are equally as enthusiastic in their transformation stakes. As the season of skulls, pumpkins and #TrickorTweet approaches we thought what better way to inspire some serious costumes than with a post dedicated to the excessive looks created by the stars who love Halloween almost as much as we do!

If even Ska girl Gwen Stefani goes to the ball as Cinderella, then it must be true, every girl wants to be a Disney Princess! Goodbye to Stefani’s check trousers and yolk yellow hair and hello to the most realistic princess dress we’ve ever seen. Stefani has clearly had Cinderella on repeat to get this sort of attention to detail. Cue: elegant tiara, blown out fringe and white gloves. Perfect! That’s not to take anything away from our Queen Bee – Beyonce! – who couldn’t have picked a more apt costume. The diva was pregnant with Ivy Blue Carter when she donned her furry, spherical bee costume which not only nicely hid her baby bump but showed off her fabulous as always pins. There’s got to be a way of recreating this with chicken wire and faux-fur, yes?!

If there’s a prize for cuteness, it’s got to go to Buffy star Alyson Hannigan. Us Topshop girls have yet to stop cooing over her all-in-one kangaroo costume complete with a pouch for her very own marsupial dressed baby. (We highly recommend googling Alyson Hannigan for more oh-so-adorable Halloween costumes). As for Gossip Girl and fellow Buffy star Michelle Trachtenberg decided to go for a more artsy approach and took to one of director Tim Burton’s sketches ‘Blue Girl with Wine’ for inspiration to her costume. With all that smurf paint and serious eyelashes, this is what we call a dedicated effort!

With all these brilliant ideas we’re overwhelmed with what we should go as! Any tips or tricks? Send your Twitpic, Instagram or Tweets to @Topshop using the hashtag #TrickorTweet with a chance to win £100/$150 shopping spree!


Posted on October 10, 2012

We were pretty excited when we discovered Joana Avillez’s illustrations of fashion’s top editors transformed into cartoon form for the online style website Refinery 29.


All perfectly re-imagined in their signature styles with a cheeky note explaining a fun fact, quote, or their title, Joana’s illustrations are a treat for the fashion savvy eye.

Anna Dello Russo is immortalised in her hyper-cherries headband; Anna Wintour in her eternal Chanel two-piece suit; Emmanuelle Alt pulls off a moody attitude and pin-like legs; Carine Roitfled gives a smoky eye that Avillez calls the “tired but sexy” look; Julia Sarr-Jamois is head to toe fur in an Alberta Ferreti blue shearling coat; Olivier Zahm gets his perpetual aviator amber-coloured shades; And Katie Grand a takeaway coffee and a mention of her rabbit Clara.


These illustrations offer a lighter and playful insight into fashion after drama-fuelled nature of fashion weeks gone by – need we mention Cathy Horyn and Heidi Slimane’s quarrels and Jalouse’s French editor Jennifer Eymere slapping Zac Posen’s PR? We caught up with Joana to ask her a few questions about her very fashiony scribbles.


Why did you start drawing fashion personalities?  

I have always been obsessed with eccentrics and people with outlandish style, and so the fashion personalities project came out of a desire to catalogue them.  I love how some people create a uniform — they feel most themselves in something that can be so particular.  A bowler hat just really does it for some people!

How did you get such a sharp vision of each of the characters you drew, did you meet every single one of them?  

No, unfortunately, I did not!  Usually when I am drawing, especially a very funny pose or facial expression, I like to get up and get into the pose myself.  Or I make the facial expression so I know how it feels. Some of these people you just see walking around New York; I see Grace Coddington around a lot for example. I think each is so unique that a very clear wardrobe pattern emerges just by looking at three pictures of them.

Where did you get the cute little anecdotes such as the Julia Sarr Jamois’s Halloween costume details or the fact that Anna Wintour was wearing her Chanel skirt suit with the zip open during her pregnancies?

The internet is full of surprises!

Which one of these characters is your favourite? Which one was the most difficult to draw?  

My favorites are Grace Coddington, Rei Kowakubo and Tavi Gevinson.  But I love so many things about each of them, for example Suzy Menkes’ hair flip or Daphne Guinness’ elaborate dressing that verges on contortion. The most difficult to draw was Anna Piaggi, that kind of arrangement was hard to translate.

Do you have any other cool fashiony projects in the pipeline?  

Yes! Refinery29 and I are creating T-shirts of many of the favorite fashion characters for Christmas 2012.  I have many other exciting things in the pipeline that I don’t think I should talk about yet, but stay tuned!

Which fashion insiders are next on your list?

Lynn Yaeger, Hamish Bowles and Karl Lagerfeld — finally! There are so many great dressers I’m not sure there will be an end.

Watch this space for Joana’s next cute to boot illustration.


Posted on October 2, 2012

Over the past few months a nail frenzy started to emerge, not on the catwalks or glossy magazine pages, but on the hands of our beloved pop stars. “Well… they all go hand in hand together right?” Not this time! It seems the witching shards have in fact left editors and designers out in the cold.

The first to get her claws out was of course fearless mother monster Lady Gaga, who curved her “paws” in front of masses of photographers to show off a more threatening trend of nail. Next came internet sensation turned world mega star, Lana Del Rey, artfully placing her talons to the public eye on various Vogue editorials and covers, quickly followed by the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Brits stars Adele, Jessie J and Rita Ora.

Razor sharp, long and feminine, the trend has now taken off on the internet, especially across various social media channels like Tumblr and Instagram, which allow users to post multiple pictures straight after their mani – in fact, you might have noticed on our own Instagram account that one of our HQ girls has fallen for the deadly dagger nails too!

Despite the multiple compliments she received on her Hitchcock-heroine style tips, she regrettably admitted that they were far from practical; everything from typing on the keyboard to fastening a necklace or worse, using an iphone became a high risk mission. But then of course, with no pain comes no gain and so she continues to flaunt her talons with all the grace of a Dita Von Teese pin-up dancing in a giant champagne flute or Catwoman style, ready to challenge any baddie with one fierce swipe. Stylish and dangerous then.

We took ourselves for a WAH nails bewitching talon session in our Oxford Circus flagship and ended up with these maleficent nail-arts and 3 sets of razor sharp claws.  So you see, we couldn’t help but shoot them all be-jewelled and turn them into these ridiculously cool Gifs.

So what does Topshop’s Head Beauty Buyer, Louisa Maaldrink have to say on the trend?

“I love it! Nails are so important; they’re even becoming an accessory all on their own. It’s about piling it on and being as daring as possible – think embellishment in all guises from studs, gems, decals, sequins and glitter to the fakest of fakes. Even if you’re not daring in the way you dress, you can still mix it up with your nails. In Tokyo, the trend has taken off so much they have specialist shops that sell acrylics at incredibly high prices and in beautiful keepsake boxes – they’ve become like jewellery.

Are you ready to get fierce and rock the trend? If you also want to get some awesome claws visit Wah Nails for ideas and book an appointment in store!


Posted on September 13, 2012

For years, the now style stars of Fashion Week existed in the shadow of anonymity, known only by the insiders of the very closed doors of the industry. But ever since the emergence of street style blogs, the stylists, editors, buyers and journalists attending Fashion Week have become icons as big as the models and designers covering the glossy pages of all our favourite magazines.

Some of them are assistants, fashion interns or students but their flair for experimentation has helped them stand out in the middle of an already very stylish crowd. Each season has a new style star and SS13’s was pink-haired CSM student Hannah Lambert who also happens to be renowned fashion journalist Sarah Mower’s assistant. She was snapped by photographer and street style blogger Candice Lake laughing, braces on show, wearing a vintage Moschino skirt, vintage Gun’s n Roses t-shirt and a bright orange and green Prada stole. Immediately the picture went viral thanks to Hannah’s fresh and fun “teen-meet-couture” style and online she was pioneered a new street style target to follow, scoring a feature in the following month’s British Vogue.


Pairing incredibly colourful designer pieces and prints is also the visual signature of the stylist and our favourite has to be Francesca Burns. The pint sized platinum blond stylist who recently took on the position of Fashion Editor at British Vogue always channels a cheeky demi-smile before the street style photographers waiting outside the shows. Pairing the quirky touch of a Christopher Kane gel clutch, Prada swirling baroque sunglasses, and a double J.W. Anderson coordinated paisley top and trousers, Fran as the acquainted call her, never goes un-noticed. She is a magpie for all the boldest pieces of each new collection. Prada makes a banana covered skirt? She will wear it. A fluffy purple furry purse? She’ll take it to the shows. A hand painted leather jacket from East London up-and-coming designer Claire Barrow? She’ll rock it like a boss. This is exactly why she attracts the photographer’s lens like a magnet and why the online community can’t get enough of her candy-delights looks. Neither can we!

There are the models that shine on the catwalk, on a shoot set, on the glossy pages of the magazines and then dress down once the job is done. And then there is Hanne Gaby Odiele. Not only is her face highly recognisable with that angular jaw line and high cheekbones, but she also has a talent for pulling colourful and printed clothes together in a weird model-dandy kind of way. She pairs oversized printed pyjama trousers with oversized African wax printed jacket and Navajo print shirt. Too much would you say? That’s casual for Hanne! She’ll even go for improbable accessories such as a cane to tone down the seriousness of a lady like Dior tailleur or won’t hesitate to opt for the editors’ no-go print: the cow print, in a pair of moo-ed boots, and get away with it. You now know why we keep this girl on our radar!

There’s been the bloggers, there have been the models and the fashion editors but the internet gets tired of its icons as fast as it adulates them. Lately we’ve seen the street style rise of Natalie Joos, a Belgian born casting agent who’s got that little something of a style that freshens up the Fashion Week landscape. Natalie is a 30 something edgy blonde who doesn’t shy away before a head to toe monochrome look- her red coat, tights, stilettos and purse look shot next to a pillar red British post box has been blogged all over the world. Slouchy sweaters or headscarves milkmaid style worn, yes Natalie is a bit of a specialist when it comes to wearing headwear without looking like she’s raided a fancy dress box. Joos who was a former model herself, barely wears any make up or styles her hair, for her it’s all about natural edgy relaxed high fashion outfits that exhale comfort and self confidence. Between her chunky knits and now signature headscarf, we can’t help but melt for Natalie’s style.

Very dear to our heart is a lady who was one of the first to be crowned street-style queen during Fashion Week a few years ago. Representing in front of the wild wild world, the creative quirkiness that is east London, Katie Shillingford, fashion director of Dazed and Confused magazine earned her stripes as an all time street style star the day she got shot by Tommy Ton from Jak & Jill at Paris fashion week with her dip dye platinum blonde and black tips bob. At the time it was the very beginning of the fashion world craziness over coloured hair and also the birth of the Gareth Pugh obsession. Fashion forward Shillingford had both Gareth Pugh as a best friend and an ever-changing hair colour provided by her close friend Alex Brownswell who owns London’s go-to salon Bleach. Spot on! From dark turquoise to dip-dye black, cotton candy pink or more recently light neon green, her hair, and the panting style stalkers behind their screens, saw about every pantone shade under the sun. Far from being an extravagant person, Katie’s sweet face and shy smile are as refreshing as the looks she pulls together. Often seen in a shirt of some sort, she pairs them with glittery heels, schoolgirl hair clips and a chunky furry coat. A high fashion Care Bear in a Barbie doll world!

We’ll be tracking down these ladies on the streets at London Fashion Week, excited to see the next look they’ll pull out of their closet. Find them on our Tumblr and our Instagram as we’ll be live posting during the shows!

Photograph by Kava Gorma for Refinery29.com

Caroline Polachek is the kind of girl we’d all like to be. Not only is she the dreamy vocals and keys behind Brooklyn synth-pop duo Chairlift but the champion of chic nonchalant dressing we all long to emulate. Having modeled for Marc Jacobs  and penned a track for The Lake & Stars latest fashion show Caroline has successfully managed to tread the line between music and fashion.

Photography by Ryan Kenny for Oyster Magazine

And for our lucky New York shoppers, there’s a chance for you to see her in action! The twenty-something with a newly dropped album will be unleashing her soothing vocals at Topshop’s The Surf Lodge in Montauk, The Hamptons, this weekend for a one-off gig (check out the Facebook Event if you haven’t already – there’ll be cocktails on tap and surprises galore!) So what better time for us to pick the brains of her very pretty head and talk favourite gigs of the summer, Brian Eno and a certain goth-letic dress she’s never without.

What music are you currently listening to?

Julia Holter, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Ariel Pink.

What artist – past or present – most heavily inspires your music?

Finding out about Brian Eno, particularly his “Another Green World” album was definitely a turning point for me.

Your music has been described as psych or synthpop – what do you think of this label and would you change it?

I’m quite happy with either, I even prefer the two together.

How does this new album differ from your first?

This record explores sadness and mania, even conflicting emotions, in a way that our first didn’t. It’s more personal. We also got obsessed with making the sounds on the album have a physicality: like wood, ice, yellow snakes, purple and vapour.

What’s been your best gig of the summer?

Playing Optimus Primavera festival in Portugal. We’d never been there before- the site was right next to this vast beach with industrial buildings around it, it was like being in some lonely anime scene. And then by contrast, the show was so explosive and packed, the kids were crazy. We played alongside Beach House, Neon Indian, and War On Drugs, who are all such great people- the night ended with us all hanging out eating weird anchovy pizza and drinking port wine.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

I enjoy walking around in the audience before our shows sometimes, it’s exciting to see the stage from that point of view, and feel the energy in the room before going on.

What’s your favourite outfit to wear on stage?

Lately I’ve been really into wearing oversize scrubs.

What’s your favourite label to wear?

Proenza Schouler!

What are the packing essentials whilst touring?

I have a black men’s windbreaker that I chopped the sleeves off of. It functions as a raincoat, and also as a goth-letic dress when paired with heels. I never take a trip without it.

What is it about Brooklyn that you love so much?

Being around our friends.

To keep up with what’s going on at our pop-up shop in Montauk, the Hamptons, make sure you’re following us on Twitter.

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