Posted on June 21, 2013

This year we played the Prom Fairy Godmother and made two fashion wishes come true for two very lucky students’ special night. We’re talking about the Prom Queen competition we launched in early March, when we encouraged our Pinterest-loving fans to create a board dedicated to their dream prom dress with the chance to win a fabulous frock inspired by the very same mood boards. Months passed, entries flooded in and finally, our prestigious design team sifted through the incredible submissions to find two of the most enticing boards that they were eager to turn from theme to bespoke gown!

Enter Alina Pena, our US winner from La Guardia Performing Arts High School whose ‘70s-style, glitter-tastic and butterfly covered mood board caught the design team’s attention. This wasn’t just any dress-winning-competition either. Alina had initial design sketches sent over to her before being whisked over to Topshop HQ in London for a fitting with our pattern team and time to put the finishing touches on the gorgeous gown. The result has a sumptuous lilac gown with a sheer overall and puff sleeves – a dreamy, romantic silhouettes that all of the staff at Topshop  HQ were swooning over. What more could a girl ask for? Oh, an article on Teen Vogue following the whole experience wouldn’t go a miss either!

We stole some of Alina precious time in London and chatted to her about the competition, prom beauty looks and what she’s expecting for the big night.

What are blogs or magazines are you’re into at the moment?

I’m a big fan of Tavi Gevinson, her blog and Rookie, I’m on there quite a bit. I’m subscribed to Teen Vogue and Marie Claire and whenever we go to airports I get Vogue and more high fashion magazines that I normally wouldn’t get. Also, my friend has a really cool blog called You’re A Tulle, that’s great.

Where is your prom?

it’s on Park Avenue. It’s supposed to be a really nice. I’m hoping it’s going to be just like Virgin Suicides. Nice and sparkly.

What are you thinking for your make-up look?

I think I’m going to keep the nail polish I have on now, it’s a light pastel, periwinkle blue. I’m probably going to get streaks in my hair in like a pink or lavender colour extensions maybe.

Is your dress what you imagined?

We fitted it today and pinned me in and it felt very glamorous! It’s so perfect. I was so highly specific about butterflies and now they’re all over it.

Where did the main inspiration come from?

I was torn between two things. I didn’t know if I wanted to do a strictly Virgin Suicides, ‘70s, flowly thing or more of a rockabilly rebel look with a fitted gingham dress. When I started making the board I went through my fashion and shoes folders and saw that a lot of things I loved were sheer and floral so I pulled all of those things that were similar. It’s a similar vibe to Meadham Kirschoff. I threw all of those images into my Pinterest board and I never thought that this would happen!

What are you listening to at the moment?

There’s this band called The Growlers, their aesthetic is totally not consistent with the dress they’re really dark and sun soaked at the same time. Evil carnival-meets-The Beach Boys that reminds me of chilling with your friends by the pool.

Do you have any fashion people who you look up to?

Tavi again and pretty much every Wes Anderson character like The Royal Tenembaums. I looked for a tennis dress that Margot wears for so long and finding one felt like such a success. Audrey Hepburn is everyone’s right? I’ve got little bangs just like hers.

What have you planned for prom so far?

It’s hectic. There’s pre-prom where I’m hoping to get ready with the girls. Then actual prom, which I hope, will be lots of eating ice cream, plenty of dancing, saying goodbye! And then there’s ‘After Prom’ which is like a big party with pretty much everybody from the school. Hopefully staying out as late as possible.  Falling asleep on the beach, etc.

Do you have a date?

My friend Josh asked me so he’s probably going to be dressed equally as wild, I think everyone will be impressed by him.

What’s planned post-prom?

I’m going to Queen College in September for their Macaulay Honours programme. As for over the summer my best friend and I are probably going to go to Greece, I’m looking forward to that. I might go to Florida with my friend Gabi and all the girls. I’m gonna try and take trains places and cross state lines with my friends.

We asked Alina what she’d like to hear at prom and she very kindly made an awesome playlist just for us Topshop gals.

“It’s a bit of a mix. I knew the whole prom/leaving high school was going to be a pretty wild mix of emotions, so I figured I would let the playlist do the same. The majority is, of course, all that sort of chaotic-self-centered-I-don’t-care-about-anything-but-having-fun type of music that has everything to do with prom night, but there are also songs that are there just ‘cos they’re great to dance to or they contain the kind of sentimental and nostalgic feelings that I’m having at the moment.”

Stay tuned to hear more about our second winner from the UK.


Posted on June 12, 2013

Deap Vally’s Twitter bio describes them as “Bad Ass” and we have to agree, there’s really not a better way to describe this carefree duo. Julie Edwards – a redhead who goes wild on the drums – and Lindsey Trott – the singer and guitarist with a blonde fro that would make Jerry Hall jealous – are the striking figures behind our new favourite band. These girls are anything but tame and the music they produce is equally so.

Blues and rock and something primal mix up in Deap Vally’s punchy sound. With musical inspiration from Janis Jolin and Led Zepplin there are big riffs and screeching vocals to keep you on your toes. Baby I Call Hell has already received 300K+ views on YouTube and received praise from NME and Billboard alike. It’s not just the headphones that have been appreciative but Deap Vally have been getting a lot of love for their rowdy and impassioned live performances too. So much so that they’ll be kicking off LA’s Bonnaroo tomorrow with huge expectations for a night to remember.We chatted with the glam rock loving duo to talk the euphoria of gigs and the necessity of manuka honey.

What inspires the music you make?

Making and playing music is one of the most meaningful and rewarding things in my life. My relationship with it and my appreciation for it only evolves as I get older. Playing music is both spiritually and physically addictive. Music is the highway to truth.

When did you know that you wanted to go into music?

In utero? I’ve been singing and playing music for nearly my entire life. It’s always been there. There have been times in my life where I have tried to divorce myself from it, but I always came back. Music is soul food. If I don’t have it I starve.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

It’s kind of funny because most times I get asked that question, my inclination is to answer with the latest show we’ve played. We really live in the moment because we are so busy and we play shows all the time, and every show is magical and euphoric in its own way, and so the memory of the most recent show is always impressed upon me. (That being said, on rare occasions we have had what we like to call a “public pap smear”. This is a show that feels like–well, a public pap smear. But even public pap smears are valuable in their own way.) To answer your question, I’m gonna ramble a little and make a list of all-time favorite gigs because I can’t just pick one: both weekends of Coachella, our last headlining show in London at Dingwalls, a gig we played in Madrid opening for Mumford and Sons, festival called Rock en Seine in Paris, and a show we recently did in Melbourne at the Northcote Social Club.

What music have you been listening to recently?

Black Angels, Savages, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala. I have such an enormous respect for each of these bands and I hope to tour with each of them one day. We played a couple shows with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently and that was truly a dream come true. They are one of my favorite bands. They set the bar so high.

What past or current artist most excites you?

Led Zeppelin will eternally sit in the thrones of rock. That being said, there is so much incredible music out there for me to obsess over. I’m currently really inspired by Savages. If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favor and check them out. Four women who play really intense, hypnotic, shoe-gazey post-punk. They’re so committed to what they do. They put on an incredibly fierce and inspired performance.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

The Rolling Stones

How would you describe your style?

Rock’n'roll glamour

What are your touring must-haves? 

My leather jacket, knitting needles, a good book, cuticle trimmer, aromaco deodorant from Lush, Manuka honey, sleep mask, neck pillow for flying, my journal, music.

Catch Deap Vally in tour here, watch more of their videos here and watch their most recent video below.



Posted on June 4, 2013

The sun is finally out and all we want to do is hang out in the park with good friends, scrumptious snacks and even better tracks! Here at Topshop HQ, we’re obsessing over Theo and Sasha Spielberg’s freshly released EP “Brother/Sister” and reckon that if you don’t already love it too, you soon will. If you’re by any chance wondering whether these two are related to legendary director Steven Spielberg, you’re right! They’re his kids so it looks like creativity runs in the family. We’re loving their summery sound that’s best summed up as melodic Cali pop and sounds just like summer should. Wardell are currently streaming a brand new song entitled “Call It What You Want so once you’ve caught up with them, head over to their site to take a listen. How could you not with such a cute album cover?!

What inspires the music you make?

Our surroundings, our state of mind, what we’ve listening to the day before, how hungry we are, how tired we are… etc.

When did you know that you wanted to go into music?

Pretty early on! When Theo realized he wasn’t going to become a professional soccer player and when Sasha first heard “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Stubbs in Austin. It was surreal and the BBQ was beyond and the Small Black, Haim and the Vampire Weekend folks are just a real ball! It was also an outside venue which made it that much more breezy.

What have you been listening to recently?

Theo’s been listening to the new Vampire Weekend album and I’ve had “Started From the Bottom” by Drake on repeat. I’m loving old Kate Bush demos, Haim, Ike and Tina Turner right now. We also love Dirty Projectors, Haerts Nicolas Jaar and Darkside as well as Papa who are friends of ours and who’s music we love.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Haim, for the ultimate family affair. Or Kendrick Lamar. We’d be perfectly fine with that. But mainly Barack Obama.

© by Jonathan Simpson

How would you describe your style?

For me (Theo) it’s Californian prints, always comfy, always warm enough. For me, (Sasha) it’s never warm enough but always comfy. A lot of collars, high waisted bits, two pieces. It’s like I’m dressed in summer get-ups but in winter colors. My style is very confused, all the time. Hopefully in a good way.

What are your touring must-haves?

Protein bars, the Internet every now and again, and a car iPhone adapter. That being said, we haven’t fully gone on tour yet, so we’ll get back to you!

Check out the banana leaf print Sasha Spielberg is wearing here.


Posted on May 30, 2013

Can the iTunes Festival line-up get any better? The question is yes, and that’s mainly thanks to Mother Monster a.k.a. Lady Gaga. We’ve long crushed over Lady Gaga’s catchy tunes and eclectic videos – not to mention that amazing wardrobe – but we’re beaming with excitement at the idea of her opening the iTunes Festival on September 1st. If that wasn’t enough iTunes have just announced another list of new musical champions we can’t wait to catch. From hip hop star Kendrick Lamar to our favourite indie girl group Haim, today’s drop of artists has us looking forward to September more than ever. Check out the full line up below with the new artists in red.

If you haven’t already noticed we’re taking our summer obsession with festivals to the next level and teaming up with the iTunes Festival to make it extra special in true Topshop style.  There’s exciting news today in which even more acts have been added to the illustrious list of stars hitting the iTunes stage. Today we can confirm that the buzzed about POLICA will be bringing their hyped tunes to the Roundhouse stage alongside classics Jimmy Eat World, cool newbies Palma Violet and the chart-topping Bastille!

Bastille are about as excited as we are – “ we can’t wait to play at the iTunes Festival again. Last year we were massively distracted seeing ourselves on giant TV screens for the first time. Hopefully this year, the crowd will know some of our songs!” The same can be said for Palma Violets who will be supporting the epic Queens of Stone Age, “We’re very excited about playing with Queens, they’re such legends! It will be fun to support a band that has so much character and creativity!”

And that’s not all! Check out the rest of the amazing line up below and stay tuned over the coming weeks where there’ll be the chance for Topshop fans to win tickets to the shows, read intimate interviews, listen to playlists and more!

Lady Gaga – 1st September
Sigur Ros supported by POLICA – 2nd September
The Lumineers supported by Phox – 3rd September
Paramore supported by Fenech Soler – 4th September
Rizzle Kicks – 5th September
Queens of the Stone Age supported by Palma Violets – 6th September
Phoenix supported by Little Green Cars – 7th September
Bastille supported by The 1975 – 8th September
Arctic Monkeys supported by Drenge – 9th September
Jake Bugg supported by Valerie June – 10th September
Kings of Leon supported by Jim Eat World – 11th September
Elton John supported by Tom Odell – 12th September
Chic featuring Nile Rodgers supported by Janelle Monae – 14th September
Vampire Weekend supported by the Olms – 15th September
Jack Johnson -16th September
Ludovico Einaudi supported by Agnes Obel – 17th September
30 Seconds to Mars supported by The Family Rain – 18th September
Kendrick Lamar – 19th September
Primal Scream supported by Skinny Girl Diet – 20th September
HAIM supported by Dan Croll – 21st September
Ellie Goulding – 22nd September
Jessie J supported by Lawson – 23rd September
Robin Thicke – 24th September
Pixies supported by No Ceremony – 25 September
Tinie Tempah supported by Naughty Boy – 26th September
Dizzee Rascal – 27th September
Justin Timberlake – 29th September
Katy Perry supported by Icona Pop and Iggy Azaela – 30th September

The iTunes Festival Low Down

The annual music extravaganza has brought some of the most exciting artists in the industry – Adele, The XX, One Direction to name but a few! – to London’s iconic Roundhouse venue and this year we’re getting involved. The month of 30 completely free shows is kicking off in September and we’re already bursting with excitement!

So from the achingly cool French synthpop band Phoenix to Glaswegian rockers Primal Scream, there’ll be a show that you’ll be coveting a ticket for! Go to for all the latest news, to download the app and win tickets. Don’t forget to follow @iTunesFestival to keep up to date with all the Festival news and join in the conversation using #iTunesFestival and see which artist is coming next.

If you can’t be there in person, fear not! You’ll be able to stream the shows live or afterwards with iTunes; on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via the official iTunes Festival app; or on your big screen with Apple TV, not to mention having exclusive artist access and backstage content on Don’t forget to Like the iTunes Festival on Facebook too!


Posted on May 20, 2013

Trying to navigate the mass of festivals in the UK is completely mind blowing. More than ever the little island on which Topshop was born (yes that’s Great Britain) has so many incredible festivals popping up across its shores that it’s hard to see which ones we should be considering for our precious weekends away. Foodie? Raver? Poetry-lover? Regardless of your festival preference we’ve done a little research (with the help of some festival-fans around the office) and picked some of the most exciting events happening this summer. So get ready and start booking those tickets!


25 May @ Victoria Park, London

Solange. Animal Collective. Daughter. Kurt Vile. Basically everyone achingly hip in music right now (bar Frank Ocean) is playing. Plus it’s a mere £50 and a short walk from Bethnal Green tube station. London hipsters unite for this might be the most exciting line up that has yet to grace Victoria Park. Make sure not to miss a good dance out to Egyptian Hip Hop and the cooler than cool, King Krule. As for style, watch out for some serious fashion lovers here with kimonos and wide brim hats galore and more high tops than you can shake a stick at. Also, there really is a beauty to a festival in which you can probably get the last tube home!

Get tickets for Field Day, here.


30 August – 1 September
Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset

We won’t lie to you but here at Topshop HQ most of our Monday morning blues are washed away by a few plays of Talking Heads’s Take Me To The River so we were naturally overcome with excitement when it was announced David Byrne himself would be playing this year’s End of the Road festival. Our obsession with this musical-champion aside, End of the Road festival is worth a look. It’s less about raving it up and more about chilling it out with some glorious bands on the roster. The lovely Belle and Sebastian take a headline spot alongside Sigur Ros and there’s a little bit of new in the form of California cool kids Warpaint who are back with a vengeance. Set in the lovely Larmer Tree Gardens of Dorset we’re thinking maxi skirts and embellished gilets will be the style must-haves for this set of festival goers and we’ve already looked into a camper van for our journey south!

Get tickets for End of the Road festival, here.


18th – 21st July
Henham Park, Suffolk

Mad about German electro? Adore the ballet? Enjoy a bit of spoken word? Interested in cabaret? That’s right, you can rave it up with Kraftwerk, be mesmerized by the Ballet Boyz, hear Carol Ann Duffy get all poetic as well as rocking out to some naughty dance skills from Soho’s finest burlesque dancers all in one festival. (I know, our minds are blown too). Suffolk’s Henham Park is probably the most unique combination of artists in one spot, Latitude festival really covers all the bases. There’s glam camping for those who need a shower and something a little more substantial than a yoga mat to sleep on and there’s even a gourmet restaurant on site from the folks at Giant Robot. Oh, and did we mention there’s multi-coloured sheep?

Get tickets for Latitude here.


26th – 30th June
Worthy Farm, Pilton

Well, we couldn’t not mention it right? As usual their line-up is comprehensive to say the least. See into the early hours with Crystal Castles and Hurts, throw your hands up and sway into summer with Haim and Laura Mvula or get right into the front for a serious throwback with legends The Rolling Stones. Everyone says you have to do it once and with a relentlessly amazing line-up year after year there’s no way of regretting nabbing a ticket. Yes, walking from field to field may be a bit of a schlep and yes, there’s probably very little chance you’ll get a good view of the The Rolling Stones but it’s Glastonbury! And that means seriously good times.


8th – 11th August
Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

Okay, so it’s not just food but Wilderness Festival has a special place in our hearts for it’s amazing roster of chefs and restaurateurs that offer talks and tasters dedicated to their lives in eating. Think Ottolenghi and his rose water specialities; Russel Norman waxing lyrical on the beauty of Polpo; Mark Hix on his fascination with oysters – our mouths are watering as we write – The Wilderness Festival has filled a gap in the festival market that we didn’t even know was there. It’s our festival wild card! Taste buds aside there’ll be blissed out tunes from Empire of the Sun and Martha Wainwright as well as performances from the talented bunch at Shakespeare’s Globe and talks from the mind-expanding folk at Intelligence Squared. Culturalistas, take a breath, this is the festival your dreams are made of.

Get tickets for The Wilderness Festival.


13th – 15th September
Portmerion, Wales

Yes we know, the dates brutally co-incide with London Fashion Week so there’s no chance we’re getting any time off work (weep!) but if we did we’d be signing up to this beautiful little festival in a flash. Set in the gorgeous surroundings of Portmerion in North Wales which it’s pretty much a fairy tale village come true. There’s even a castle to stay in for accommodation. (YES, a castle!) This is a festival for those of you wanting to completely escape the real world and head somewhere far away from anything “ordinary”. And with a musical and arts program that would make any festival-goer overjoyed, what’s not to love? There’s the haunting vocals of James Blake, the renaissance of Chic ft. Nile Rodgers (is that a Daft Punk Get Lucky inspired comeback we see?) and some of our favourite songstresses of the moment taking the stage… hello Laura Mvula and  Lianne La Havas! This one is definitely worth the journey.

Get tickets for No. 6 Festival, here.

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