Posted on August 22, 2014

What better way to see out Friday afternoon stresses than the soothing sounds of Daniel James? This new singer on the block has got those in the know talking, thanks to his unique take on pop, melding gospel, folk and soul influences with emotion-filled lyrics. We sat down with him ahead of his UK tour to find out more – read on for everything you need to know about Daniel James.

His acoustic sets are spine-tingling

“When I perform acoustically there’s a raw energy that people seem to dig. I lay it all out for people to either enjoy or not enjoy. It seems to be going alright for now!” Just watch the video above and we think you’ll agree!

He’s an eavesdropper 

To inspire his lyrics Daniel says he listens to a lot of people’s conversations on the bus or tube. “As a writer you have to take notice of things around you.”

He taught himself guitar

Daniel has been honing his vocals since he was a kid, but it was more recently that he picked up a guitar. “I’m not the best in the world but I get by. I’m getting better everyday though. Practice y’all!”

He’s supporting Sam Smith on tour

If you’re in with Sam Smith then you’re in with us! Dan met Sam through mutual friends and he’ll be supporting him on the UK leg of his upcoming tour this October. ”I’m so excited, it’s a big step up. I’m still in shock that I’m actually going on it.”

He’s addicted to ham and cheese sandwiches

We’ve got it on good authority that this is an essential part of his tour rider, along with a good selection of drinks. Healthy diet then!

He loves his mam and dad 

He grew up in the Irish countryside and says his parents gave him a very loving and supportive upbringing. “When times were tougher I was always taught to see the positives rather than the negatives.” Bless.

He’s got a crush on a Victoria Secret model

“As a kid I quite fancied Julia Stiles, but for now I will say Erin Heatherton.”

Keep up with Daniel James on his Facebook page and look out for a new EP coming soon. 


Posted on August 20, 2014

We’re guessing you’ve all heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge by now? It’s the new charity craze that’s got everyone from Lena Dunham to Cara Delevingne throwing buckets of ice cold water over themselves, all to raise awareness for neurodegenerative illness ALS.

So when fellow-retailer ASOS nominated us for the challenge yesterday, we thought, GAME. ON. Never one to do things by halves, our ice bucket challenge saw over forty of the Topshop gang dunk themselves outside the Oxford street flagship store, stopping traffic and causing a whole lot of screams in the process! For our entry we donated £10,000 to the cause. Check it out!

So you heard it – we nominate Net a Porter, British Vogue and Burberry.

Join the conversation on Twitter @topshop #icebucketchallenge. 



Posted on August 20, 2014

It’s nearly time for Notting Hill Carnival which means we’re gearing up for two days of out-there costumes, great music and of course some serious dancing! To get us all in the mood, who better to chat to than one of its coolest dancers? Zizi Scandal (real name Aziza Jones) is the 21 year old star from dancehall crew The Heatwave, whose Hot Wuk parties are one of the hottest at Carnival every year!

Hi Zizi! How did you get into dance?

I have always danced as a child, but I never pursued it professionally until I met The Heatwave at Notting Hill Carnival in 2011!

Can you sum up your dance style in three words?

Provocative. Fun. Energetic.

What are you most looking forward to about Carnival?

I’m so excited to perform on the Red Bull stage with the rest of The Heatwave crew!

What will you wear?

On the morning I’ll be heading up one of the trucks as part of the parade, so will be rocking top-to-toe white to represent the Angel of Hope. And for my Red bull performance… you’ll have to wait and see.

What’s a Heatwave party like?

It’s a party where no-one behaves!

What’s been the best place you’ve danced apart from Carnival?

The one that sticks out is our boat party at Outlook festival in Croatia. It was epic. Hundreds of people in the middle of the ocean with nothing around you but sea, good music and a boat full of people ready to party till the sun goes down. Words cannot describe!

How would you describe your look?

I don’t really have a look. I have a billion looks! I wake up in the morning and dress however I feel. Vintage, punk rock, current fashion, tomboyish whatever!

Who’s wardrobe would you love to trade with?


What does the future hold for you? 

I want to travel the world just living life on the go, exploring new countries and cultures. That would be so perfect.

Catch Zizi at The Heatwave’s Hot Wuk Carnival Truck Party this Saturday at Koko and Notting Hill Carnival on Monday.


Posted on August 19, 2014

What did you do for your 22nd birthday? We’re guessing it won’t rival our campaign girl Cara Delevingne’s. Our model-of-the-moment opted for a trip to Ibiza for her birthday last week, complete with model guests, a pizza onesie and some seriously good cake. Here’s how Cara celebrated…

1. Hired a private jet to Ibiza

Instagram @sophiaaekerrison1

Cara chartered her very own private jet to fly out to the party island. But don’t worry, she hasn’t gone too fancy on us – she spent the flight pulling funny faces in a pizza onesie. That’s the Cara we know and love.

2. Invited her model mates

Instagram @caradelevingne

Aboard the private jet were Cara’s fellow-models and best friends, Suki Waterhouse, Clara Paget and Sophia Kerrison, while big sister Poppy joined the group later on in Ibiza.

3. Danced to Jamie Jones

Instagram @caradelevingne

What to do when you arrive in Ibiza? Party of course. Cara spent her birthday night getting down to Jamie Jones’s Boiler Room set, joined by some interesting characters in possibly the best fancy dress we’ve ever seen.

4. Ate two amazing birthday cakes

Instagram @poppydelevingne

When you’re Cara Delevingne, one birthday cake won’t do. She blew out the candle on two cakes for her 22nd – a handmade chocolate treat spelling out her name, and another from Mulberry in the shape of a Bayswater bag. Nom nom.

 5. Chilled on a luxury yacht 

Instagram @sukiwaterhouse

After all the partying the girls got some much needed downtime on a luxury yacht, spent sunbathing, sipping champagne and doing the classic Titanic move. What more could you need?

Don’t miss Cara modelling in the Topshop AW campaign.


Posted on August 18, 2014

Attack of the Monday Blues? Fear not because help is at hand from synth pop four-piece Mausi. Formed by four uni friends after a summer spent hanging out in Milan, this band’s video for their debut track ‘My Friend Has A Swimming Pool’ will transport you to a pool party filled with sun-drenched fun. We caught up with frontwoman Daisy to discuss her ultimate pool party, from the dream guest list to the perfect poolside look.

Your dream pool party… Where would it be?

In a friend’s back yard – ideally that friend lives in an amazing house in LA.

Who’s on the guest list?

We would have Daft Punk manning the DJ booth. Ellen Degeneres and Pharrell Williams having a dance off. Bill Murray greeting the guests. Michael Jackson (as a hologram) dancing on the water.

Top track on the playlist?

‘September’ by Earth Wind and Fire on repeat. But also anything to get people dancing, some Breakbot, Disclosure, Phoenix, Goldroom, the list goes on…

What food would you serve? 

Pineapples and watermelon. Maybe a cheeky BBQ in the corner manned by somebody in a sparkly outfit. Or Gerard Depardieu.

And drinks?

Anything people want, as long as it’s in one of those cliché red cups they have in American college parties in movies.

What would you wear?

I’d go for a mismatch of old and new – definitely some statement bling with a vintage t-shirt. Also some glitter… it will find a way of getting on to your person at a party like this so you may as well give in and be glittered up from the get go.

How would you decorate?

Probably just some inflatable animals alongside the hologram of Michael Jackson.

What would you do if it rained?

Embrace the rain. Ain’t no weather stopping this party. Also if it happens to be in LA it’s less likely for that to happen…  Just saying…

Would you have any house rules?

There are no rules at a Mausi pool party.

Find out more about Mausi and their upcoming tour dates here.