Posted on July 9, 2014

What better way to kick off Berlin Fashion Week than with a party? We teamed up with to throw an event for the new generation of German bloggers in a hip industrial building in Mitte. The mission of the night? Choose the blogger with the best festival style from 18 of our invitees. The prize? A trip to London with a personal shopping appointment plus paid-for shopping spree!

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The dress code was “Summer Festival” and the warehouse was transformed into a field of flower garlands, boho accessories and floral prints. Few cocktails later in we took a seat in the front row to see the bloggers present their styling skills on the make-shift catwalk. Germany’s latest Topmodel winner, Stefanie Giesinger, sat next to the jury of editors, fashion buyers and our very own Personal Shopping Manager Danielle Payne, dressed in an effortlessly cool all-white look.

After a catwalk show the quirky cover band Cannibal Koffer entertained the crowd while the jury had a chance to choose their winner. The top 5: Ranim from The Perfect Disease, Yasmin from In Love With, Jana from, Daisy from The Mandarine Girl und Nieufar from Mäuschenliebtbubi. (You have to check out their blogs for plenty of style inspiration!) But there can only be one winner and that went to *drum roll* Daisy aka The Mandarine Girl. She won all hearts with her Coachella-cool outfit. We just had to sit down with the blogger and get the skinny on all things Daisy…


How does it feel to be the winner of the fashion challenge?

Amazing! I didn’t think that there was any possibility I’d win this, so I was really surprised when I was in the top 5. I was even more surprised when I heard I was the winner. It’s absolutely breathtaking to win, especially because the other girls were so good!

What was your festival look?

I created a Coachella look, I wanted it to be stylish, comfy, creative and a little sexy as well. The shredded shorts are essential for such a festival look and the fringe top as well of course. On top I chose a colourful kimono to give my outfit a casual touch. For the shoes I went for an eye catcher: space silver platforms.

Are you excited about your prize of a Topshop Personal Shopping appointment in London?

Absolutely. I love Topshop and am excited for this personal shopping appointment. I‘ve never been to London but I know that it’s a great place for shopping and that is what I’ll do there for sure.

Daisy’s style guru while she’ll be browsing through our Oxford Circus flagship will be nobody less than Topshops Danielle herself. Here Danielle’s thoughts about the winner:

What was it about the winning girl’s style that captured your attention?

I thought Daisy (The Mandarine Girl) really managed to capture true Topshop festival style with her chosen outfit. She looked effortlessly cool and for me, stole the show.

How would you describe her style?

That’s the great thing about Daisy’s style, she doesn’t lend herself to one look in particular but always stays on trend. She does a Boho inspired look naturally but on the other hand manages to always look chic and well put together.

As a manager of Personal Shopping in London would you say there’s a difference between the German and British festival style?

I think in essence European festival style all has the same roots. The main difference for me is the British love to push boundaries with the way they style up an outfit for example clashing patterns, face jewels and paints. German girls have the relaxed festival look down to a tee.

What are your key tips for great festival style?

I normally live by the style mantra ‘less is more’ but when it comes to festival fashion the more creativity the better! It’s a great opportunity to express yourself and experiment with your look. Fringing, colour, accessories aplenty and of course comfortable shoes to keep you on your feet!

Check out Daisy’s blog The Mandarine Girl and book a personal shopping appointment here.


Posted on July 9, 2014

Summer’s here! We’ll be spending our sun-drenched days at New York’s recently opened Playland Motel, an urban oasis of thumping disco beats and lovingly crafted cocktails. As well as its twelve plush rooms, the motel is home to a diner, pizza joint and an outdoor bar that doubles up as a city beach. And, if that wasn’t enough of a reason to visit, we’ll be throwing a party here every Sunday through to 31st August! Head down to Summer Sundays to get your dance on to the coolest DJs around, plus snap a selfie in our photobooth for the chance to win a $500 shopping spree at Topshop! Here’s the need-to-know-now on this party playground…

The Vibe:

Somewhere between art gallery and sleep-away camp sits the urban beach resort that is Playland Motel.

The Crowd:

In a word, cool. The scene is young, creative and well coifed; they are New York trendsetters tired with the Montauk scene and fully embracing this grown-up holiday camp.

The Décor:

It is kitschy and camp (in the best way). The formula isn’t dissimilar to hipster hotspots Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer’s, where everything has been imagined through a Wes Anderson filter. By this we mean the Instagram-ready sandy gravel backyard is all colourful parasols, plastic palm trees and paddling pool. Let those childhood memories come swimming back.

The Stereo:

Starting this weekend Topshop will be hosting the hottest party in town with our exclusive Summer Sessions. It’s a chance to dance like there’s no work tomorrow and soak up top flight musicians, with the über talented Neon Indian kicking it off. Otherwise the bar is home to a carefully curated mix of disco, house and electro.

Where to stay:

The 12 cosy rooms have each been decorated by one of the Playland Motel’s inner circle of artist friends. Given free reign, they have put their unique touch on the interior design, which the motels website describes as ranging from a “hot-and-heavy girlhood frolic with glitter sunburns, ponies, and wet swimsuits” to “iconic, pop detailing with a contemporary beach feel.” Side note: paying homage to the site’s original tenement housing, the snug rooms share communal bathrooms – talk about a quick way to make friends!

What to wear:

There’s an unwritten uniform of tropical prints, snapbacks and denim onesies. Owner Jamie Wiseman once (half) joked, “bikinis are encouraged.”

What to eat and drink:

With Brooklyn’s cult foodie hangouts Rosarito Fish Shack and El Almacen already part of the Playland Motel owner’s stable, you would be right to expect a lot from the food. There’s a pizzeria that has artisanal standards and a penchant for reggae beats on site and a tavern, which partners with like-minded restaurateurs for the season. For all of you over 21 there’s cocktails and craft beer to sip on.

Join us every Sunday through to 31st August for Summer Sundays at Playland Motel. #TOPSHOPXPLAYLAND


Posted on July 8, 2014

With fashion week just a matter of weeks away, the British Fashion Council announced the eight fledgling fashion labels that will be getting a well-deserved boost of NewGen sponsorship. As supporters of the showcase, we’re extremely proud to be helping make these up-and-coming designers route from sketching to catwalk smoother.

With some notable graduations (ahem, Simone Rocha) since last season, AW14 promises some new faces on the block (looking at you Faustine Steinmetz). Each lucky NewGen-er will receive a chance to show their salt at fashion week and receive mentorship from the BFC over the course of the season.

So c’mon who are they?



What they’ve won: catwalk sponsorship.
What they do: slick modern tailoring in feminine fabrics.
Get the Look: crisp shirt + awkward trouser + head boy shoes


Credit: Facebook, Lucas Nascimento

Lucas Nascimento

What they’ve won: catwalk sponsorship.
What they do: minimalist knitwear with shocks of colour and oversized outerwear.
Get the Look: jumper dress + duster coat + sleek stiletto



What they’ve won: catwalk sponsorship.
What they do: frayed denim, frayed silk and (wait for it) frayed velvet all with a perfect clumpy-cool shoe.
Get the Look: denim + denim + track heel shoe


Ashley Williams

What they’ve won: presentation sponsorship.
What they do: tongue-in-cheek prints and quintessentially east London styling.
Get the Look: pencil skirt + print + pool slide



Danielle Romeril

What they’ve won: presentation sponsorship.
What they do: unconventional fabrics tailored into sophisticated silhouettes.
Get the Look: unexpected sheer + tailored separates



Faustine Steinmetz

What they’ve won: presentation sponsorship.
What they do: labour-intensive handcrafted textiles in familiar silhouettes.
Get the Look: look-a-like denim


Ryan Lo

What they’ve won: presentation sponsorship.
What they do: if Harajuku girls had couture dresses.
Get the Look: frills + pink + bow


Credit: Instagram @claire_barrow

Claire Barrow

What they’ve won: exhibition sponsorship.
What they do: Where craft and fine art meet Punk.
Get the Look: leather jacket + print dress in moody colours


Ironically festivals of late have become less about the music and more about the food, the crowd and clothes. Usually not ones to complain, as we love any opportunity to wear fringing. But, sometimes you want your music festival to be, well, about the music. If this is you, then Pitchfork is what you’ve been dreaming of. Like the website that spawned it, this festival calls Chicago home and has a habit of breaking all the need-to-know indie bands. Happening on 18th-20th July, it has a stellar line up that jumps from rap (holla at me Kendrick Lamar) to alt rock (speaking to you Beck) to keep your sound buds satisfied all weekend long.

Credit: Instagram @Pitchforkmedia

Who to Hear: Beck, Danny Brown, St Vincent, FKA Twigs, Neutral Milk Hotel, Wild Beasts, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q.

What to Wear: The crowd is notoriously well dressed. Last year we saw the winning combo of ankle boots and floral slip dresses. This year, we’re predicting a climate of bandanas and bandeaus.

What to Eat: C’mon this one’s easy – you’re in the Windy City so deep dish pizza is top menu totty.

What else is there to do? Music really is the focus but if you find yourself at a loss check out the festival’s satellite projects – the Coterie Craft fair, where 40-jury selected artist will be selling everything from artisanal home furnishings to unique paper goods, or Flatstock, which is a chance to see and shop the American Poster Institute’s best show-posters.

Get the complete lowdown and your tickets, right here!

It’s the 4 of July and that means fireworks, friends and good food (and potentially an opportunity for a little bit of shopping!) Who better than our newest New York girl crush Hailey Baldwin to tell us what she’s planning for the big break ahead. We stole some time with the blonde beauty to see what she’s planning for the big weekend break. From the parties and the style she’s pledging allegiance to – read on for more from the latest teen IT-girl.

Where’s home for you?

New York. I’ve lived there since I was 2. I love being in LA for periods of time, there’s always something fun to do there.

Where do you love to hangout when you’re in New York?

I love Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It’s one of those places where there’s so much to explore and there’s always new things happening. I also like to go to the Gray Dog in Chelsea, it’s a coffee place but they’ve got great salads and sandwiches.

What would be your ultimate 4th of July weekend?

Being with my friends on the beach with good food, great music and lots of fireworks! That’s actually exactly what I’ll be doing this year.

What will you be wearing for your 4th July party?

I will most likely just be in a bikini and shorts in the sunshine.

How would you describe your personal style?

Cute with a little bit of an edge.

What would be on your 4th of July playlist?

I love Kings of Leon so a lot of their music would have to be on there!

Love Hailey’s look? See more pictures here and  follow the dreamy model on Twitter