Posted on April 1, 2014

To say Christina Perri’s still-young music career has been a whirlwind would be a serious understatement. After soundtracking vampire flick Twilight with her darkly gothic debut ‘Jar of Hearts,’ she found fame overnight – going from a struggling Beverly Hills waitress to an Atlantic Records signee with a top ten record and concerts booked all over the world. Not bad for a day’s work!

Now returning with her second studio album ‘Head or Heart’, we caught up with the Philadelphian singer on fame, family and fashion.

You grew up in a musical family. How has that influenced your career?

My big brother is the most talented guitar player I know, so he inspired me to play myself. My parents were so supportive and I also only remember love songs by Dean Martin and James Taylor playing in the house, so that’s my foundation as a song-writer.

How was it moving to LA after growing up in Philadelphia? 

Philadelphia is where my family is, so that’s where my heart will always be, but LA is the place where my dreams came true and where I’ve begun this life, so both feel like home to me.

How did you deal with the overnight fame that ‘Jar of Hearts’ gave you?

It was the most magical experience of my life. I felt like Cinderella. At 8pm on June 30th 2010- my whole life changed and I quit my waitressing job and flew to NYC to sign a record deal. Since then I’ve been living my dream and watching all my wishes come true. I have to continue to pinch myself that in fact my life is real!

What does the title of your new album, ‘Head or Heart,’ mean to you?

Well, which do you trust? I still don’t know, so I’m not pretending I do. Half of the songs are head songs and the other half are heart songs, but I’ll let you figure out which ones are which!

What inspires the subject matter of your songs?

I am mostly inspired by emotions. I’ve always been really emotional as a person, and now I know why. That’s how I write.

What’s been your biggest career highlight so far?

There are so so many. Probably the Twilight film stuff, meeting Paul McCartney, and dueting and touring with Jason Mraz. All my dreams keep coming true.

How would you describe your style?

I call it ‘tomboy chic!’ I always mix something girly with something comfy. So a pretty lace blouse with a snapback hat. That’s me.

Where do you shop?

Topshop is my favourite store on the planet. Everyone knows that. When I’m in Topshop, I can leave with a whole new wardrobe for the new season or I can grab something specific for an event. Topshop is always so ahead of what’s cool that I always feel cool when I’m wearing it.

Favourite on-stage outfit?

I’m always wearing Topshop on stage. I wear little babydoll dresses with leggings and boots. It’s my #1 go to – comfy and cute for every show.

What’s the summer got in store for you?

TOURING!! The whole world :)

Head on Heart is available to buy now on iTunes


Posted on March 31, 2014

We appreciate a weekend slumped on the sofa as much as the next guy, but there’s no doubt we’d be much more interesting company if we always packed our days off with cultural pursuits. With this in mind, check out our timely selection of new and exciting things to see and do Stateside.

Maria Lassnig at MOMA PS1

Instagram @mompas1

Austrian Artist Maria Lassnig’s portraits penetrate deeper than surface level. “Body awareness” is her thing, and the sheer diversity of style and range of colours is certainly a sight to behold. With roughly 50 pieces of work including paintings, watercolours and films, this is Lassnig’s biggest US-based exhibition to date – go see!

Garance Doré and Anna Bond for Rifle Stationary

Instagram @garancedore

Francophiles among us will agree that dedicated blogger Garance Doré can do no wrong. Garance has made no secret of the fact that she loves a spot of drawing, so her collaboration with Anna Bond of Rifle Stationary seems wonderfully serendipitous. Pop along to the Open Studio on Saturday 28th for a day of activities with Garance, including calligraphy and letter writing etiquette and, of course to peruse some seriously attractive paper.

The No Fun Film Club

The No Fun Film Club

The No Fun Film Club does not live up to its name. Celebrating the work of New York’s up-and-coming filmmakers, you’re guaranteed to get inspired at a NFFC night. The next event on Sunday, March 30 at The Wythe Hotel features the work of Emily Kai Block. Music video buffs will know Block’s work from Grimes “Oblivion”, Grizzly Bear’s “Yet Again” and most recently Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife.”

Uprise Art – Dana Bell Exhibition

Instagram @uprisenyc

Whether you’re stuck for inspiration when it comes to decorating your walls, or you just want to browse the best new art around, it’s hard to beat Uprise. The amazing online gallery houses a whole host of artists’ prints, available to order or simply gaze upon. This month they’re also exhibiting the amazing work of artist Dana Bell at 120 Ninth Avenue, NYC.



Posted on March 28, 2014

We love a good fashion flick over at Topshop HQ. Whether it’s a Coco Chanel biopic or docu-style flick on Bill Cunningham, we’re always first in-line to get some insider knowledge on the fashion greats. Not to mention all the incredible style eye candy on offer! So when we heard a new film dedicated to French designer Yves Saint Laurent was coming, we got seriously excited.

With more YSL-designed gowns and jewellery than you can shake a stick at, it’s well worth a watch for any die hard fashion fan. The film itself looks at the darker side of the designer, honing in on his turbulent relationship of over 30 years with his business partner and lover Pierre Berge.

And the plot line we loved the most? The film’s focus on the women that inspired Yves’ career! Director Jalil Lespert first introduces us to the enigmatic Victoire Doutreleau – a close friend to Yves in his youth and a star model in his early catwalk shows. Played by French actress Charlotte le Bon, she rocks some incredible Dior dresses and is basically one of the chicest characters we’ve ever laid eyes on!

Next Yves meets Betty Catroux, whose long blond hair and androgynous style exuded a cool panache that inspired the first appearance of Le Smoking jacket on the catwalk in the ’60s. The free-spirited jewellery designer Loulou de la Falaise met him later that year, and her bright-coloured, vintage designs soon earned her a place at at Yves’ fashion house as a designer.

So if you’re a fan of French subtitles, feisty female characters and drooling over couture, then make this flick the top of your to-do list this weekend.

Yves Saint Laurent is in cinemas now.


Posted on March 27, 2014


If we could trade lives with anyone right now, it would so be Vashtie Kola. Not only is this Downtown New Yorker super talented, (her job title spans everything from film director and writer to DJ, photographer and model), but she’s also been gifted with serious fashion game, styling out killer looks that have us making dream shopping lists every time we hit her blog. That’s why we were stoked to hear she’s a big fan of our recent collaboration with adidas Originals! Check out Vashtie rocking the Topshop x adidas Originals printed vest and tracksuit bottoms above, and read on as we chat all things fashion…

How would you describe your personal style? 

Tomboy by day, drag queen by night!

What’s a normal day in the life of Vashtie? 

No day is ever normal, is anyone’s? Wake up. DJ practice. Work out. Respond to emails. Meetings. Lunch. Write video treatments. Work on creative projects. Conference calls. Dinner with friends. Bed.

What do you love about Topshop? 

Well, I love that I can wear anything Topshop to a cool event and everyone will ask where I got it. Not only are the clothes always on point and on-trend, but they’re affordable! Who doesn’t love that?

What will you be wearing for SS14? 

All white.

What piece of clothing could you not live without? 

My black Timberlands. I wear them in the snow or on red carpets. They are truly transitional.

What do you love about the Topshop x adidas Originals collection? 

I love that both brands came together to create something unique that speaks authentically from both sides.

What’s your favourite piece from the Topshop x adidas Orginals collection? 

The blue jogger shorts. The colour is perfect and the shape is complimentary!

How would you wear the Topshop x adidas Originals collection? 

I would mix it in with girly items for a dressier look and then wear it as is for a casual tomboy look.

Shop the Topshop x adidas Originals collection before it’s gone.


Posted on March 25, 2014

When it comes to shoes, Chloe Green knows her stuff. Obsessed with footwear from an early age, her personal shoe collection amounts to some 200 pairs, so becoming a footwear designer herself was an obvious career move! Her latest collection for Topshop is made up of 12 show-stopping heels, courts and wedges, each design inspired by her travels through the Americas and perfect for a seriously glam summer. Get the inside scoop on the collection as we chat to Chloe below.

Why did you choose the Americas as your inspiration?

I spent most of last year travelling around America and I found it so inspiring. Exploring new cultures, seeing different places and meeting new people was incredible – I wanted to focus my collection on all of these experiences.

Tell us about your travels there. Any must-see places?

There’s so many places that I really loved, all for very different reasons. I visited an orphanage in La Romana in the Dominican Republic – that was such an emotional experience. I met so many beautiful people there. From a work point of view, places on the west coast really inspired my designs – LA is such a fascinating place, there’s so many interesting and cool people round every corner and the vibe is so relaxed.

How has the collection moved on from last season?

It feels a lot more grown up this season – each collection seems to mature alongside me! This collection features sleek and sophisticated designs that are really feminine and quite sassy.

What kind of girl are you designing for?

I love to design shoes that are unique and can’t be found anywhere else. I always try and think about my friends and what they’d want from a new pair of heels – whether it’s a special element, design or print.

Was there a muse behind the collection this season?

It’s hard to pin this down to one person or thing as I feel like travelling opens up your mind to everything – from vibrant and colourful carnivals, sandy dry deserts, chic bars or even relaxed poolside’s in LA. I’ve tried to encompass a certain emotion to each style and I hope that really shines through.

What will you be wearing the collection with?

The collection is so versatile – the Miami wedges are perfect for taking you from the beach to dance floor and the classic Santiago courts look so chic with jeans for the day or dressed up the with a LBD in the evening – that’s what I love so much about the collection, there’s something for every occasion.

Do you have a favourite style this season?

It’s always so hard to choose a particular style, they are all my favourites!  But I do really love the striped strappy sandal called Malibu. They’re so comfortable and really tap into the monochrome trend that is so big this season.

We’re excited to see more of your vertiginous heels! Any top tips for walking in heels?

Keep your shoulders back and be confident! I love wearing heels and wear them most days but if you’re used to flats it’s always a good idea to practise wearing new heels – even if it’s just round the around the house!  I always moisturise my feet well before slipping on high heels, it make them so much more comfortable. 

Who would you love to see wearing your designs?

It always excites me when I see a flash of green sole – if it’s a girl out with her friends or a celebrity on the red carpet. I always get a buzz of excitement and it makes me feels so proud of what I have achieved.

The collection launches today in our London Oxford Circus store and on

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