Posted on December 1, 2014

Whether you’re wearing them green, gold and gaudy or going for a subtle smattering of sequins, there’s no denying festive jumpers are officially a thing – the UK has even decided to dedicate a national day to them! Plus, they make an excellent ice breaker at the office Christmas party. This season at Topshop, however, the styles of yesteryear have been pared-back and upgraded with a healthy dose of winter cool. Here’s how we’re planning on wearing them for the final days of 2014.

The Fair Isle style knit has returned complete with Christmas trees, snowmen and snowflakes – perfect when paired with dark wash denim and berry toned lips for a cosy evening catching up at the pub.

The slogan sweat gets a festive upgrade with this chic take on a Christmas knit. Style up with sequins and glittery socks, or throw on over a dress and boots for layered up cool.

Let sequins take centre stage and team this sparkling sweater with an equally jazzy skirt and heels combo for a full festive party look.

Fully in the festive mood? Shop Christmas.

If you haven’t had chance to check out the Design Museum’s latest exhibition, Women Fashion Power yet, now’s your chance. We’re giving away 2 tickets! All you need to do is head to Twitter, retweet and prepare to channel your inner girl boss.

Vivienne Westwood

Designed by stellar architect Zaha Hadid, the show spans 150 years of empowering female fashion; from ouch-inducing corsets and intricately beaded flapper dresses, to ’60s shifts and skinny suits. Alongside some amazing pieces of historic and iconic clothing – worn by some of the most influential women – the exhibition showcases a 7 screen video installation from ShowStudio’s Ruth Hogben, featuring one-off interviews with the likes of Charlotte Olympia and Roksanda Ilincic about their ultimate power pieces. We particularly enjoyed being introduced to the world of beach pyjamas (yes, they’re a thing) and some incredible retro M&S advert footage when we headed down last week. Sound like your cup of tea? Head on over to Twitter.

Skin of Skunk Anansie

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Posted on November 11, 2014

If there’s been one track resonating around Topshop HQ since August it’s Taylor Swift’s, “Shake It Off.” The industry’s goody two shoes has shaken off (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) her country sound and her newest album, TS 1989, is embracing pop in it’s purest form. There’s dark Kelly Clarkson-esque ballads – “Foxes” – and  joyous calls to arms – “Welcome to New York” – each track with a satisfying balance of memorable hooks and Tay Tay’s relatable songwriting. So why are we suddenly talking all things Swift? Well, the woman of the hour is on her way across the pond and come 2015 she’ll be kicking off Hyde Park’s British Summer Time festival. COOL OR WHAT?! So if there’s one thing to get us through the colder winter months it might just be this…

Don’t miss the event of the summer and snap up your tickets right here.


Posted on November 7, 2014

Got any plans this weekend? We’re taking a trip to the IMAX to watch our top pick this week …


The director of Inception and the Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, returns this autumn with another twisty sci-fi tale. But where the Dark Knight trilogy focused on Batman and his attempt, in part, to keep Gotham safe, Interstellar is concerned with a group of explorers who find a wormhole and travel across the vast gulf of space searching for a new home. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy – don’t wait for an Orange Wednesday, go now!


Posted on October 29, 2014

Finally, a beauty guide that’s witty, wise and most importantly, truthful! Ex make-up artist and Guardian beauty writer Sali Hughes has written Pretty Honest, a no-nonsense beauty book for real girls, covering everything from ‘Salon Etiquette’ to ‘Showing Some Skin’ and ‘Beauty in Illness’. We caught up with the lady herself to hear more…

What is it about beauty that you find so compelling?

Your face is the first thing anyone sees, it’s how the world identifies you from another, it’s how you express your emotions and attitude. And it’s something we can enhance, decorate, use as an extension of our personal style. How can anyone not be compelled by that?

What’s the one piece of make-up you can’t leave the house without?

I know most women would say mascara, but personally, I’d find it very hard to choose between concealer and blusher. The simple fact is that everyone in the world looks better with concealer. It brightens dark circles, covers blemishes, evens out skin tone. It’s genius. And I can’t be without blusher either. It is the fastest way to look pretty, sexy and healthy.

What inspired Pretty Honest?

I wanted there to be a beauty book about real life, because it simply didn’t exist. I wanted chapters on how to look nice when you feel like complete crap, what to pack in your handbag for a date that might result in a sleepover, what to always keep in your work desk drawer for emergencies. I also wanted women who loved beauty to be told that it was perfectly OK for once. I’m sick of women with a passion for fashion and beauty being talked down to, treated like idiots or traitors to feminism. Both are perfectly valid pursuits and should be celebrated intelligently and unashamedly.

What’s the best bit of beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

“Always be ready to go on the adventure”. My grandmother told me this was the reason she wore make-up – so she was always ready to accept a lovely invitation, to go where she pleased, to feel her best while she was there. I was only six but it completely resonated with me. I still feel the same way.

What one beauty tip would you give to Topshop fans?

Just do it. Wear the red lipstick, put on the orange eyeshadow, dye your hair pink – who the hell cares what anyone thinks? This is your face, your style, your life – and it’s all over way too fast to be playing to other people’s expectations.

Do you have any Topshop beauty favourites?

The Face foundation is quite simply the best high street brand foundation I’ve ever tried. I was lucky enough to try it a few months before launch and it took me completely by surprise. It’s marvellous. I also adore Topshop brushes. I use them heaps for work.

Any career advise for blossoming beauty writers?

Writers write, so get on with it. Start a blog and work out what’s going to make you different. I get lots of young writers email me and ask for work, but they make the mistake of trying to sound like me. I’m much more interested in people with their own voice, their own distinct approach and personality. Work out what makes you different and keep it in mind at all times.

 Pick up your copy of Pretty Honest, The Straight-Talking Beauty Guidepublished by 4th Estate, £22.