Posted on March 19, 2014

Find Snapchat stupid? Tired of Tinder? Then it’s time to refresh your phone with some of us Topshop girls’ favourite apps. From organising your schedule to creating LOL moments with your mates, these five will change your life for the better!

1. ASAP54

We’ve all been there – you catch sight of the perfect outfit in the street but they’re too far away, and you’re too shy to approach. Or you’ve seen a FROW-er in a coat you need, but you can’t find said coat’s whereabouts for love nor money. ASAP54 lets you snap things you love and matches items to your picture. You can see what others are snapping too. Love it.

2. Dreame

Most people have a recurring dream they remember, but imagine if you had an actual record of that dream, in visual form. Well, now you don’t have to imagine, and thanks to our new favourite app Dreame, your dreams can become a reality! All you have to do is pick one of Dreame’s amazing illustrators, send off an account of your dream and you’ll receive a beautiful personalised drawing depicting your reverie.

3. HBO Girls Emojis

Instamoji has joined forces with our fave HBO series Girls, so that you can customise your photos with iconic imagery from the show. Download the free app to style your selfies with Hannah’s infamous yellow string vest, add her Birthday B*** trucker hat to a card for your bezzie, or give your Granny a makeover with Shoshanna’s elaborate topknot – something Lena Dunham actually did to her own Grandma. Priceless.

4. Wunderlist

Whether it’s reminding your flatmate that you need to buy milk, or effectively managing your own business, we can’t get enough of Wunderlist. Useable across all platforms and sharable with friends, family and colleagues, the team behind this app (pictured above) allow you to manage and create multiple to-do lists. If you haven’t got it, get it now.

5. AutoRapp

With special ‘rapification’ Smule’s Autorap will bring out the rap star in even the most unlikely rapper. All you have to do is record a voice-over and AutoRap will ‘rap it up.’ You can choose from standardised backing beats or known ditties from the likes of Azealia Banks or Jay Z. It’s an interesting one – how else could we hear our weekly shopping list to the tune of ’99 Problems’?

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Posted on March 13, 2014

To say we are excited about the upcoming Kate Moss for Topshop launch would be the understatement of the year. So to celebrate Kate’s return we thought we’d ask you, yes YOU, how Moss’s style has inspired your own.

Send us a picture through Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #TopshopxKateMoss to win entry to the Kate Moss collection launch in London, £250 or $500 spending money plus travel and a hotel. We’re on the hunt for one US and one UK winner – so get posting! Because we’re nice we’ve brainstormed our favourite Moss style moments to inspire you in your quest to win. Enjoy….

Grunge Girl

The ‘90s backlash against ‘80s excess was a whirlwind of leather, oversize band tees and devil-may-care attitude. Our Kate was in the eye of the storm with a beautiful boyfriend and perfectly tousled locks. Has there ever been a more powerful pairing? Kate’s grunge look consisted of trainers, worn biker jackets and big chunky boots. But every style decade has a flip side. Kate brushed up for the red carpet in rare vintage and simple Calvin Klein shift dresses.

Festival Fever

Kate is literally the Queen of festival fashion. We love her flagrant disregard for trifling concerns such as rain and mud. Sure, maybe if we had a luxury trailer to hand, perhaps we’d find it easier to wear high-heeled knee boots trawling Glastonbury’s sludge-soaked banks. But hey, Kate’s always been deliciously rebellious and in the case of festivals, she flouts the weather. Our favourite looks include micro mini shorts teamed with bronze sequins, high shine PVC skinnies and anything with feathers!

Fancy Dress

KM is a big fan of dress-up and so are we. From her 30th birthday star spangled jumpsuit to top-hatted gothic Halloween garb, Moss knows how to rock a costume. We’re not so sure we’ll be recreating her rumoured Gypsy-themed hen do, but we did have a major crush on her posh yuppie get-up for pal Fran Cutler’s birthday bonanza.

Famous Footwear

From Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots to demure ballet flats, Kate has a knack for sparking waiting-list shoe trends. What will be her next fashion-forward footstep? You decide!

The wedding to end all weddings

When Kate married rocker Jamie Hince her wedding photos graced the pages of Vogue. We could only look on in awe – has there ever been a more perfect wedding? John Galliano’s wedding dress was the ideal combination of English rose and bohemian spirit. We doubt there’s a bride ‘moodboard’ in existence without her iconic image.

Vintage Vanguard

If there’s one craze Kate’s started it’s the fashion pack’s love for finding beautiful vintage gems. Our favourite of the supermodel’s vintage looks include the floor length cream satin gown she wore in 2007 to the V&A’s Golden Age of Couture Gala and the buttercup yellow tea dress that’s inspired her designs for Topshop. Early in her career Kate was known to scour the best vintage stores in New York and Paris to add to her burgeoning collection.

Don’t miss your chance to attend the Kate moss for Topshop collection launch and shop for free! Post your favourite Kate Moss style selfie on Twitter or Instagram now.

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Posted on March 11, 2014

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It’s a familiar scenario. You need a new moisturiser, but you’re overwhelmed by endless products that seem to do the same thing. So naturally, we jumped for joy when BeautyMART came to Topshop. Founded by Millie Kendall of Ruby & Millie fame and former Vogue Beauty Director Anna-Marie Solowij, BeautyMART is our one-stop shop for hard-to-find products that really work. You can shop BeautyMART directly on here or get the boutique experience instore at our London Oxford Circus flagship.

We caught up with co-founder Millie to get the scoop on her desert island products and beauty moments she’d rather forget!

What makes BeautyMART different from the tones of other beauty stores out there?

None are really doing what we do, selecting and editing the best products and selling them in a fun and exciting place with brilliant and knowledgeable staff and superb service. Traditionally beauty stores and chemists sell brands, not individual products and the sales staff are brand-trained, not impartial. We look at products like a magazine editor would. So you get only the most interesting, high performing, fashion-focused finds.

How did you know Anna was the right person to start your business with?

I have known Anna since she was the Beauty Editor at ELLE magazine and watched her career unsurprisingly lead her to become Beauty Director at Vogue. She is ultimately a great curator of beauty and that is the backbone of BeautyMART.

Do you ever disagree over products?

All the time, if we didn’t it wouldn’t be the edited array it is. We use cosmetics differently; have different skin, hair and features so we like different things as well as the products we both love.

Do you test everything yourself?

Absolutely. It has to pass the test!

If you had to choose one product to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Gosh that is so hard! Balmain Salt Spray probably. It is the best product to create that beach hair look, and I grew up in LA so need a bit of beach with me everywhere I go!

Have you ever made a big beauty mistake?

All the time, I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I hadn’t! When I look at old pictures I wonder why I ever left the house thinking I looked OK and then I find those looks being reinvented and think that perhaps sometimes what seemed like a mistake was simply just fashionable. Have confidence and you can pull anything off!

What’s your favourite make-up look at the moment?

I have been so anti-bronzer for years, but now I love a good matte bronze and some contour. It really accentuates the cheekbones and can be worn by anyone.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business?

Have guts and passion and expect not to sleep much!

There are so many skincare products on the market – sometimes the choice can be overwhelming! What do you think is the one product that really makes a difference?

Embryolisse cream, it’s the best all round moisturiser I have ever used and is backstage at the shows. If a make-up artist loves it you can’t go wrong.

And with make-up?

Fairydrops mascara, a cult Japanese lash builder – anything Japanese works for me!

What do you think is the most common beauty myth?

That eyebrows look good painted on! They only look good when they look natural! I see so many hideous incarnations of brows. And it is true, as you age brows don’t grow back so don’t over-pluck!

Don’t miss out on all the make-up must-haves and visit BeautyMART instore at Topshop Oxford Circus store or online here. 


Posted on March 3, 2014

At Topshop we think just like stylish goodies, Fashion Week shouldn’t just be reserved for the mag editors and fashion-loving celebs. That’s why this season we opened up the mezzanine of our Tate Modern show space to the public and live streamed the action to five lucky winners at our flagship store. But this wasn’t just any old live stream – we teamed up with tech guru Inition to allow our winners to watch the show in virtual reality! 

Intion is a small, cutting-edge company based in London’s Shoreditch, who use their incredible tech savvy to create experiences like no other. Among the many cool projects they’ve dreamed up is a virtual game that allows people to ‘fly’ through mountains and cities, as well as shooting the first ever 3D footage in the wild for the BBC. We caught up with the Inition boys in the aftermath of Fashion Week for a virtual chat (naturally!) about the show. 

How was it partnering up with Topshop?

It was great! It was a tough project but there was a great sense of adventure as we were creating something that no-one had done before. In many ways Topshop are ideal Inition client: they have great content, and were willing to take the risk to do something ground-breaking and paradigm shifting.

Were you happy with the reaction?

The coverage actually surpassed our expectations. The reaction of participants instore was brilliant and the crowds forming outside the Topshop store was remarkable to see. The public reaction to the piece was great and the technology community has been overwhelming – it’s raised the bar for future use of technology at Fashion Week.

Do you think fashion and technology make a good match?

There are some very clear overlaps. Wearable technology such as Google glasses and Apple’s planned iWatch are some obvious examples. When technology becomes invisible and seamlessly integrated into our clothing, that’s when things like wearable displays really take off.

How does London inspire your work?

Every time we leave the office and wander around, there is a new installation, street artwork, exhibition or just an unusual sight that can spark the imagination. Places like the Barbican, Tate, ICA have amazing events programmes that bring together creatives from all over the world. Here in Shoreditch there is a constant feeling of change that keeps things fresh.

What’s the future for Inition?

We’re very excited about virtual reality hitting the mainstream. Virtual reality is the ultimate interface to the digital world, with the ability to take you anywhere, any time, any place. We can build fantastical imaginary worlds or put you in remote places that make you feel like you are actually there. The possibilities are almost overwhelming as they are endless. If you can imagine it, then someone will be able to build it!

We also wanted to hear from the girls who experienced our virtual reality show first-hand. HayleyMariaNatashaSarah and Joanne were the five lucky fans who won a seat on the virtual front row, by sharing their London Fashion Week style through Instagram and Twitter. We spoke to three of the girls over Popchips and Zico water to see how they found it.

Hi girls! One word to sum up your virtual reality experience?

Natasha: Surreal.

Joanne: Incredible.

Hayley: I’d say surreal too.

What were the most exciting bits?

Hayley: Trying to explain the experience is so hard because it felt so real! You would turn and see the people next to you and the people in front. I could even make out Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner sitting a few seats away from me in the front row! It honestly felt like you were really there.

What did you think of the custom made headsets?

Natasha: They were really cool – I felt like I was in Tron!

Joanne: As soon as the show started I completely forget they were on my head because I was so into the experience.

Any favourite looks from the show?

Natasha: The grey knee-high suede boots that Charlotte Wiggins wore.

Joanne: My favourite was the long fur gilet and grey jumper with a crisp white shirt underneath.

Best celebrities at the show?

Hayley: I adore Kendall Jenner, and was so excited to know she was there. My favourite blogger Danielle Bernstein was there too and I’m such a massive fan of hers and was so excited to know I was there watching it ‘with’ her.

Do you think more people should get to come to Fashion Week?

Natasha: Tickets are hard to come by, but Fashion Week is becoming more and more democratised. I know some people think this is a bad thing, but fashion should be available to all – and developments like the virtual reality mean that more people will get the chance to get that front row feeling.

Missed the show? Watch it on demand and read all our LFW show reports on the blog


Posted on February 26, 2014

With payday just around the corner, big-scale weekend planning should be top of your list. Stuck for things to do? Don’t be left out in the cold (or at home with your onesie) and take heed of our ultimate list of London-based activities. Let the fun times begin…

EAT: Hipster grub @ Oslo, Hackney

Decked out with a Nordic aesthetic (hence the name), Oslo is the only Hackney hotspot to be seen at right now. Food-wise you’ll feast on Heston-style concoctions like bacon made from salmon (not as freaky as it sounds) and apple and horseradish cured mackerel. Or if you’re feeling less adventurous, the burgers are some of the biggest in town and come with a shot of gravy. Yum.

SEE: The Grand Budapest Hotel @Curzon Cinema, Mayfair

From the man obsessed with mixing vintage film, kooky comedy and Bill Murray comes a new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. This time the Wes Anderson action unfolds in a palatial European hotel with an all-star cast, including the legendary Tilda Swinton and new Topshop girl crush Saoirse Ronan. The super lux Curzon cinema makes the perfect setting, although beware of dozing off in the too-comfy-to-be-true armchairs.

DANCE: Disclosure @ XOYO, Shoreditch

The DJ duo that brought house music to the charts has just announced a last minute London slot. Going down at underground venue XOYO, we recommend wearing your comfiest flats becuase you are going to dance, A LOT. And be sure to get down there early for tickets on the door.

SLEEP: A swanky room @ Hazlitt’s Hotel, Soho

Don’t live in London? There’s no need for FOMO if you book in for a night at the Hazlitt’s Hotel in Soho. Enjoy plush rooms complete with four poster beds, plus the luxury of massages, beauty treatments and yoga classes in your room! It’s also a stone throw away from our Oxford Circus flagship meaning you won’t have to lug those shopping bags far.

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