Posted on August 27, 2014

Love our new feature with choreographer Holly Blakey? Well now it’s time to meet the girl who shot the shoot – London photographer Laura Coulson. A self-confessed ‘country bumpkin’ from Devon, Laura headed to London after an Art Foundation course to work in music PR, but soon realised she belonged behind the camera. We caught up with her to chat big breaks, befriending the Haim sisters and her love for flares.

How did you get into photography?

When I first moved to London I started out in music PR and production but wasn’t very good at it… on every video shoot I just ended up taking pictures! That’s when I realised I wanted to go it alone as a photographer. It took a long time of having no money and having freak outs every five seconds, but I got there with a lot of hard work.

What was your big break?

I met Haim playing in someone’s backyard in Texas and fell in love with them. I ended up working on their video for ‘Honey and I’ in the desert and shot what eventually became their record cover – that was my first official bit of work. After that we all become friends and I took more and more photos of them – my career really progressed from there.

What are the Haim girls like?

They’re so lovely. I’ve never seen a group of sisters that are so tight, there’s never any bad words said. Este’s the eldest so she’s very protective, Alana is the crazy fun youngest one and Danielle is this really beautiful mellow, chilled middle sister.

What advice would you give to budding photographers?

Just do it! Take all the photos! A key thing is to not judge your work against other people’s – go with your instincts, don’t over-think and create your own style.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

It’s personal and natural. I love shooting people with great personalities and I like to try and get that across in my photos. There’s got to be more to it than just a pretty model.

What inspires your work?

Films, music, visiting totally new places. My friends and all the amazing things that they’re doing. I’m also inspired by other photographers like Bruce Weber and Alasdair Mclellan. I love that their style is very natural and stripped back – there’s no fuss, plus amazing light.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I love to dress really simply with clean colour palettes, but that often goes completely out the window – I’ll end up wearing some multi-coloured dress with crazy platform shoes! My style is pretty schizophrenic.

What’s your shopping weakness?

I have too many shoes! We’re talking quite a few…The whole floor of my flat is basically shoes.

What’s on your wish list right now?

Flares. I’m obsessed with the new denim Topshop ones. Also poloneck crop tops for layering.

Ultimate style icon?

Céline designer, Phoebe Philo. She’s just a dream!

Your most overused word?


Worst habit?

Saying ‘sassy!’

What’s on your playlist at the moment?

‘Heobah’ by Fonda Rae

See Laura’s photography in our New Creatives feature and check out more of Laura’s work here


Posted on August 20, 2014

We’re guessing you’ve all heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge by now? It’s the new charity craze that’s got everyone from Lena Dunham to Cara Delevingne throwing buckets of ice cold water over themselves, all to raise awareness for neurodegenerative illness ALS.

So when fellow-retailer ASOS nominated us for the challenge yesterday, we thought, GAME. ON. Never one to do things by halves, our ice bucket challenge saw over forty of the Topshop gang dunk themselves outside the Oxford street flagship store, stopping traffic and causing a whole lot of screams in the process! For our entry we donated £10,000 to the cause. Check it out!

So you heard it – we nominate Net a Porter, British Vogue and Burberry.

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Posted on June 18, 2014

Meet Rosalyn Holman, the savvy fashion buyer who worked side-by-side with Kate Moss to create her latest Topshop collection! Responsible for bringing the icon’s vision to life, Rosalyn spent many months sourcing the best fabrics and factories to produce the line, as well as ensuring the pieces worked together as a cohesive collection. Considering her insider knowledge, we couldn’t think of a better person to help us style Kate’s designs. We asked Ros to talk through her favourite pieces and show us how she’s wearing them:


“Pair Kate’s suede jacket with white dungarees for a casual feel – great for laid-back weekends in the city.”


“Kate’s fringed dress is the ultimate statement piece for your next holiday. Just add a minimal flat sandal and be ready to dance all night!”


“I’ll be wearing Kate’s studded denim shorts for lazy days in the park, styled with a khaki shirt with the sleeves rolled up.”

Shop Rosalyn’s full edit here and let us know how you’re styling Kate Moss for Topshop by tweeting a pic @Topshop. 


Posted on May 16, 2014

Here at Topshop we pride ourselves on throwing a good party. Whatever the occasion, our shindigs always attract the world’s most stylish, play the hottest music and have even been known to stop traffic (hello Kate Moss launch!). Last week we teamed up with rewardStyle to host another big bash – but instead of having celebs and fashion eds on the G-list, we invited some of our absolute favourite fashion bloggers to come and hang out with us.

Held at rewardStyle’s plush offices in London, the blogger set mingled to chat all things SS14, while chowing down on sushi, sipping on Organic Spirit cocktails and sampling Vita Coco’s amazing new lemonade coconut water. Topshop designer Lizzie Dawson was on hand to talk through all our new trends – from the clean and minimal White Out trend, to urban-meets-tropical City Tribes look and oh-so-boho Folklore.

Despite all the food, drink and sparking conversation, the bloggers couldn’t help but be distracted by the rails of Topshop goodies at the bash. Carrie from Wish Wish Wish loved the cropped slogan tees - telling us she can’t wait to wear them with ripped jeans or a bright printed pencil skirt this summer. Natasha from Girl In The Lens was gushing over our new lace playsuit all evening, telling us she loves them because “they’re sleek and polished but have an unexpected girlieness.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Posted on April 14, 2014

You know those girls who just throw outfits together and look effortlessly amazing every time? Well Nell Kalonji is one of them. The style guru has been lending her discerning eye to cutting-edge fashion shoots for years and after drooling over her work in hipster bibles like Dazed & Confused and AnOther magazine, we just had to get her onboard at Topshop.

This month Nell acted as guest stylist on our ’5 Ways To Wear’ feature, styling up our new floral board shorts for every occasion. From smartly tailored to a new take on festival wear, Nell taught us that one item can go a long way, saving us both time and money… thanks Nell! Watch the video below and read on as we pick her brain for a few more valuable fash tips.

What trends will you be wearing this summer?

I have actually developed a little obsession with culottes so they will definitely be part of my summer wardrobe!

What gets you inspired?

I love old movies and am fascinated by the world of costume. I’ve just bought a selection of Marlene Dietrich and Josef von Sternberg movies which will keep me occupied over the weekend. But apart from that I think you can get inspired by anything – books, exhibitions, travels. Anything as long as you are open to it.

What’s been your most exciting shoot to work on?

I would say that’s the first ever shoot I worked on with Dazed & Confused Fashion Editor Katie Shillingford. I had just moved to London for an internship and didn’t know what to expect. Being on set with such creative people was fascinating and made me realise that this is what I want to be doing.

What advice would you give to someone wanting a career as a stylist?

I think interning and assisting is a big part of it. You learn so much more by working for someone and by observing how they approach a project.

What’s on your playlist at a shoot?

Beyonce, TLC… then more Beyonce!

Whose wardrobe would you love to ransack?

Right now Marlene Dietrich, but it changes all the time!

Are you a high fashion or high street girl?

High fashion, high street or vintage – it doesn’t really matter. It all depends on how you put it together!

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